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Hayley päivitti bändin virallista LiveJournal-blogia. Päivityksessä paljastetaan pätkä uudella albumilla julkaistavan “Part ll”-kappaleen lyriikoita! Voit lukea koko blogipäivityksen alapuolelta tai alkuperäisenä täältä!

Why did I not pack my computer for this trip?

I’m on an iPad mini. It’s ridiculously difficult to type on this thing so you’ll have to forgive me if this ends up being short or I misspell everything… I just wanted to share a lyric from a new song called “Part ll” with you guys since we’ve played it for a few people here in Sydney and the word is out! For years now, “Let The Flames Begin” has been a favorite of ours to play live, as well as being a favorite of most people who come out to our shows…. We wanted it to have a sequel. “Part ll” is it!

We played 5 songs for people tonight and although I’m not gonna share lyrics from all 5 just yet, I am gonna post a few lines like I said tonight. Aaand I’ll post some lines from a couple others over the next week while we’re still out here down under.

I chose to share these chorus lyrics first because there are a couple similar themes to “Now” throughout this one… I feel like we are still in the first chapter of a whole new story. And while a lot of this story involves redemption and having fought what seemed like an endless fight (within ourselves), it will only make coming out alive on the other end that much sweeter. There is so much brightness and joy to come from other songs on the rest of the album. I like the contrast that the shadows cast. It was all our dark moments, ones that inspired songs like “Part ll” and “Now”, which actually made us more appreciative of the ease and happiness in our new found hope. So take heart if you’re seemingly stuck under a rain cloud… You won’t always have to fight so hard to stay dry. Relish this moment too… You might find some strength in that surrender. Or you might just do what we did and write a song.

(Tonight meant so much to us. Finally sharing some of this album with anybody outside the media was such a treat and quite honestly a huge relief! Thanks to those who won tickets for being so cool and for genuinely being excited about a fully renewed Paramore.)


“Dancing all alone
To the sound of an enemy’s song
I’ll be lost until you find me…
Fighting on my own
In a war that’s already been won
I’ll be lost until you come and find me here, oh glory.”


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