21 Aug 2008

Easy Cheese!

Uusi video Paramore.netissä, Easy Cheese Zacin ja Brandonin kanssa.

16 Aug 2008

Kids Choice Awards 2008 & MTV Music Video Awards

Paramore on saanut kunnian olla ehdolla monenlaisille palkinnoille tänä vuonna, nyt he ovat ehdolla “Parhaaksi ulkomaalaiseksi bändiksi” Austraalian Kids’ Choice Awardseissa. Bändi saa vastaansa mm. Fall Out Boyn ja Panic At The Discon. Voit auttaa bändiä voittamaan äänestämällä täällä.

Toinen palkinto mille Paramore on ehdolla, on MTV Music Video Awardsien “Paras Rock Video”. Ehdokkaat tälle palkinnolle ovat:

Paramore – Crushcrushcrush
Fall Out Boy – Beat It
Foo Fighters – The Pretender
Linkin Park – Shadow Of The Day
Slipknot – Psychosocial

Olen lisäillyt lähiaikoina paljon kuvia, joten en niitä kaikkia rupea tässä listaamaan, mutta uusimmat ovat Paramoren eiliseltä yksityiskeikalta Z100:n Z Lounge Seriesissä. Voit katsoa kuvat täältä. Lisää kuvia on tulossa niin edellämainitulta yksityiskeikalta, kuin muualtakin.

14 Aug 2008


[ mood | hereillä ]
[ music | “I Wont Let Me” – Descendents ]

apparently, there’s a radio station in rhode island offering callers a chance to win a date with me. WHOA!? i mean, they could be talking about tickets to the show; trying to play it up to be funny. not so funny if people believe it, though.

just wanted to clear everything up… let you guys know… no one will be winning a date with anybody in our band. but it is pretty funny to think that somewhere in rhode island some kid has the station on speed dial thinking it’s true. alright, maybe not!

this tour is a blast. we are headed to NYC for a day off tomorrow before going to z100 the next morning to do some acoustic performance. should be a good time. i am loving acoustic performances more and more. i wish we had more to do! i dunno what we’re gonna do with ourselves having a whole day off in the city. i love new york. maybe i’ll make a trash and vaudeville visit. (like i need more clothes… NOPE!!!) think i’m gonna hang with mr. john janick… the dude that makes it all happen. it’s been a while since we’ve hung with him and he’s always a lot of fun to talk to about music with. plus, we all share a love for pinkberry. YES!

after NYC it’s on to philly. one of our favorite cities to play. nothing like south street. i wonder if we’re playing there this time? i don’t think so for some reason… but i hardly ever look at our schedule i just get on the bus and go with everyone.

today was my baby sis’ first day of school. is summer seriously over?! my mom just told me that i used to beg her to pack salads for me in kindergarten for lunch hahah i don’t remember that. what kind of little kid wants salads for lunch? what happened to lunchables? anyone here remember lunchables? haha the pizza kind were ridiculous. but by the time i hit middle school i was a cafeteria food eatin’ kid. i would always forget to bring lunch money and have to have them put it on my school credit. so, i owed like 50 bucks by the end of each month haha. what a loser, hayley. speaking of all of this, my yearbook photo comes out tomorrow. joy.


13 Aug 2008

Livejournal merkintä otsikolla “every new beginning comes from some other beginnings end.”


Thank you so much to everyone who came out to the show tonight. This was the best show of the tour so far.

As you might have heard – or maybe you didnt? – we filmed the show tonight for a DVD that we hope to release later this year. We had original plans to shoot the show in Central Park next week but due to complications with our production set up and the venue, we had to change locations. I have to say, at first we were a little disappointed cause we were counting on NYC but now that we’ve filmed the show and played Chicago we are MORE than stoked that tonight was the night.

I realized before we came out for encore that it was here that we played our first ever headlining show, in 2006. So, it’s even more special that we had to switch to tonight to film. Just feels right.

I gotta run cause we’re about to leave and I wanna go hang with some people from the show. They’ve been hangin outside for a while now. Just to let you guys know we got our PARAMORE RIOT BOOKS in tonight. They pretty much serve the same purpose as a year book. TONS AND TONS of pics and lyric sheets, production notes from The Final Riot Tour. And member bios. Ryan Russell did all the photos for the book… we know how much we all love that dude. So check em out at the merch booth, we think you’ll be stoked on em.



11 Aug 2008

Kuvia, kuvia

Pmore Onlinen galleriassa on monia uusia kuvia Final Riot! – kiertueelta. Mukana myös m&g kuvia! Tsekatkaa siis ne.