12 Sep 2008

LJ-Merkintä “BUSY BEE-OTCH!”

sijainti: blackbird studio.
mieliala: suoriutunut


we have officially made it home. i got home late late last night… but still in time for a waffle house stop and a midnight grocery run with my roomie. apparently, i’m cooking dinner tonight. which is a scary thought. it’s good to be home!!!

so, what did you guys think of the vma’s? i heard a lot of people saying that they didn’t actually enjoy the show from television but i will say that being there was a trip. i even congratulated britney face to face! i was so stoked! she looked gorgeous and it was nice to have the biggest female pop artist back in the game. i’m ready for her to take over again, man. no shame. let’s see, what else happened? oh, yeah… we got THIS close to winning a vma and being presented an award by slash and shia lebouf. wow. i was actually rooting for slipknot. those dudes sat in front of us during the show… wouldn’t want to ruin their rep but, i gotta say, they were the nicest guys. the whole night was insane. very surreal. in a different way than the grammy ceremony. the grammy’s felt very high society, much classier – rightly so. the vma’s were like going to the most ridiculous prom with the “coolest” people dressed up for the occassion … millions of different groups of popular kids. not like high school where all the popular kids hang out together. just tons of popular kids, haha. and there we were smack dab in the middle of it all! it was a blast. obviously, for us, the best part was performing. it actually felt like a real show. familiar faces all lined up around the stage, everyone was singing along. it ruled. my yellow pants even made a come back! so, the night ended with a tuna melt from swingers and a tall glass of water. the guys and i didn’t eat the entire day, so by the end of the night i was beyond starvation. of all the ways we could’ve gone out… after a year and a half of RIOT! i couldn’t have come up with a better exit. playing the vma’s AND a tuna melt?! YES PLEASE!

we are back home. recording again for a possible shot at the twilight soundtrack! the rumors are a little less than true but a little more than a lie. today we are at blackbird studio in nashville… it’s crazy to me that we’ve never actually recorded anything but demoes in our hometown. both our studio records were done in pretty random places. florida and jersey. i guess florida isn’t that random considering we moved there to be close to fueled by ramen. that was before FBR blew up and got offices in NYC. either way, it’s nice to “work” from home. if you can even consider this work.

i was listening to piebald last night. one of my favorite songs by them is “the monkey versus the robot” off their record We Are The Only Friends We Have. i hadn’t listened to them in a while and hearing the lyrics after getting home from a crazy tour and an even crazier week in LA made me even more grateful to live the life i do. i’m gonna post em so you guys can read em. i think everyone should be constantly encouraged to try to live a life they dream rather than settling for something they know is mediocre or that they don’t truly enjoy. not saying it’s an easy thing to do… it can suck getting to that point but it’s worth every ounce of everything it takes. here are the lyrics, so you can see for yourself: 


I know a guy who lives just for the weekends.
He says he’s tired a lot.
He says there should be five days of weekend
instead of five days of work.
And I remind him we get old and retire.
Too old to do anything but golf.
When you’re young you’re in school or in the workforce.
Let’s make old people work. That’s a joke.
We got a job to do and this is it.
I know a girl who works in an office.
She says she has no time for herself.
She says other than that everything is fine, everything is fine.
I remind her everything’s not quite fine.
Maybe it’s OK or even worse.
Work should not control our every minute.
Eat to work. Sleep to work. Live to work. Work.
We have the best job ever. Yeah we really got lucky.
We’re nobody’s robot. We’re nobody’s monkey. 

ps. don’t forget to buy the record if you like the song! :)


11 Sep 2008

Houkutus soundtrackille?

Lähde: E! Online:

“Taylor Lautner ja Robert Pattinson näyttäytyivät VMA:ssa Houkutus-vastanäyttelijöidensä Kristen Stewartin ja Cam Gigandetin kanssa esitelläkseen Paramoren, bändin, jolla on uusi vieläkin nimeämätön kappale elokuvan soundtrackilla.”

Toivotaan, että kyseinen asia olisi tosi ja saisimme kuulla uutta Paramorea Houkutuksen soundtrackilla ihan piakkoin!

Tieto tullaan varmistamaan lähipäivinä.

11 Sep 2008

Paramore kutsuu Britneyn mukaan!

Nyt kun Britney Spears tuntuu löytäneen jonkinlaisen comebackinsa MTV:n Video Music Awardseista (hän voitti kolme palkintoa), on hänellä tiedossa kiertue jos hän siihen suostuu. “Toivottabasti Britney saa kaiken kuntoon, sitten me haemme hänet ja tuomme hänet mukanamme keikoille,” Paramoren laulaja Hayley Williams kertoi Popeater.comille VMA:n punaisella matolla, sunnuntai-iltana. “Se olisi mielenkiintoista – Britney kiertueella meidän kanssamme.” Kun kysyttiin, miksi Britney, Williams vastasi silmiään räpäyttämättä: “Miksi ei? Hän on Britney Spears.”

Britney ei olisi heidän ainoa toiveensa, kun puhutaan unelmakiertueesta. Williams listaa myös Musen, Death Cab for Cutien, the Deftonesin, Lil’ Waynen, Tupacin (hei, se on kuitenkin unelmafestivaali) ja Coolion. “Fantastic Voyage’ — pitää saada vähän sitä kiertueelle,” Williams mainitsee täten Coolion 1994 megahitin.

Bändi ei ehkä tule saamaan edellämainittua unelmakiertuetta kasaan heidän tulevalleen latinalaisamerikan kiertueelleen, ensimmäiselle ikinä, mutta jos kaikki menee hyvin, he saattavat alkaa esiintymään ensi vuonna uuden albumin ohella. “Me aiomme mennä kotiin heti tämän jälkeen ja toivottabasti alamme tehdä uutta albumia pian,” Williams sanoo. “Toivottavasti saamme uuden albumin tehtyä, ehkä ensi kesäksi.”
Britney, kuuletko heidät?

11 Sep 2008


– Jos tuli unohdettua eilinen Provinssirock esitys, niin ei hätää! TV:stä sen voi bongata vielä perjantaina 16:40 tai katsoa kuukauden ajan täällä!

– Hyviä uutisia myös elokuvarintamalta, Paramore tekee toisen soundtrack julkaisun elokuvaan Twilight!

video VMA:sta ennen ja jälkeen esiintymisen.

11 Sep 2008

Videoita VMA:sta ja BumberShoot-festareilta

Tässä vähän videopäivityksiä;

Hayley antaa vinkkejä My Chemical Romancen punapäälle, Gerard Waylle.
– Paramore sai kameran käyttönsä ja kuvasi sillä yli viiden minuutin videoblogin Bumbershoot-festareilla
– Kulissien takaa ja vähän edestäkin VMA:ssa.

Galleriaan on tullut myös paljon lisää kuvia palkintogaalasta, käyhän katsomassa!