08 Oct 2008

Kaksi LJ-Merkintää

i’m callin you out for everyone to see

sijainti: ATL ya’ll
musiikki: nfg soundcheck

not me.

also not me.

AIM = chayleyxcore

definitely NOT me. in fact, just bother them so much that they shut it all down.
i don’t and will not whore myself around on public social networking sites – besides moviescenester, haha – for everyone to look about. just lettin everyone know in case there was any confusion! hope everyone’s doing great… i’m home tomorrow. big week ahead. gotta gear up for tour and the twilight music video. i’m stoked! see you guys soon!!!


ja toinen merkintä…

that’s what you get

mood: mischievous mischievous
music: Earth Crisis – The Discipline

when you stay logged in…
07 Oct 2008


– sivuilla on Houkutuksen (Twilight) soundtrackin biisilista:

Muse — Supermassive Black Hole
Paramore — Decode
The Black Ghosts — Full Moon
Linkin Park — Leave Out All The Rest
MuteMath — Spotlight (Twilight Mix)
Perry Farrell — Going All The Way (Into The Twilight)
Collective Soul — Tremble For My Beloved
Paramore — I Caught Myself
Blue Foundation — Eyes On Fire
Rob Pattinson — Never Think
Iron & Wine — Flightless Bird, American Mouth
Carter Burwell — Bella’s Lullaby

Paramorelta tulee siis mukaan myös toinen uusi laulu: I Caught Myself! Laulu saadaan varmasti kuulla kuukauden sisällä.

– Warner Music Spainin mukaan, Paramoren DVD+CD Final Riot!- kiertueelta tulee 25. marraskuuta! Enää siis vähän yli 40 päivää odottelua.

– Uusia kuvia lisätty galleriaan MTV Hard Rock Livestä:

03 Oct 2008

[LJ] it’s been a long time long time shouldna lef you lef you without a dope beat to step to step to

sijainti: Greensboro, NC
musiikki: family tree (live) – h20


sorry it’s been so long. much has happened since the last post. big things. important things.

to be more specific: (klikkaa kuvia isontaaksesi)

jordan pundik

jordan, hayley, michael

jordan again

yours truly

aaand that’s all i’m going to let out of the bag! though there are many more… save those for another post, possibly?

anyways, the past few weeks have been great… it’s nice to be off and still have things going on. most of you have probably heard the new track (“Decode”) for Twilight. we’re really stoked to have a couple of our songs on the movie. it’s a great project to be a part of. i really feel like the entire series is an amazing story and, trendy or not, it can’t really be denied. anyone who’s read at least a chapter of one of the books will agree with me. the responses to to song have been awesome – thank you guys for getting into it and supporting the song and the project. next week we’ll be shooting the video for “Decode” with our friend Shane Drake. he’s coming down to our neck of the woods to do this one (can you say pressure video??). we’ll keep you posted on how that goes.

in other news, i’m on tour! with chadball and New Found Glory. gettin the best of both worlds right now… off time yet still on tour. as you probably would guess, their shows have been absolutely ridiculous. i’m having a blast watching all the bands just about every night. four year strong, ftw. yes! i am part of the FTW league now. i guess i have a little less than a week til i get dropped off in nashville. i’m stoked for a nashville NFG show. for anyone in the area, they are playing Rocketown and i believe the date is the 8th… wednesday? it’ll be a great show. duuhhh. be there or… be there.

well, this has been a fun post for me. hope you enjoyed it. i’m gettin back in the game. (sorry it took so long, by the wayyyy). see you around soon.

south america… we’re coming for YOUUU!!!


02 Oct 2008

Hayley Guitar Hero World Tour-pelin kulissien takana

Kuten jotkut saattavat jo tietää, Hayley tulee olemaan yksi Guitar Hero World Tour-videopelin (XboXille) hahmoista! Seuraavassa videossa voit nähdä miten hahmot tehdään mahdollisimman realistisiksi ja mitä Hayley pitää Guitar Hero-peleistä.

Jos et voi katsoa ylläolevaa videota, klikkaa täältä.

Videon screencapit ovat galleriassa tuota pikaa.

02 Oct 2008

Decoden lyriikat

“Decode”:n lyriikat ovat varmaan monessa paikassa pian, mutta tässä yksi paikka, josta ne löysin; klikkaa.

Jos olet virallisen Paramore-faniklubin jäsen, voit nähdä Hayleyn itse kirjoittamat lyriikat “Decode”:n.

Jos olet suuri Houkutus-fani, tai leffan soundtrack sattuu vain kiinnostamaan sinua, voit ennakkotilata sen Amazon.comista!

“Decode”-kappaletta voi nyt myös kuunnella Paramoren virallisilla nettisivuilla osoitteessa