18 Oct 2008

LJ-Postaus: Gracias. Gra$$y a$$

sijainti: guadalajara!!!
olotila: chipper pirteä
musiikki: Civilized Man – Shelter

we have completed our first full day in Mexico. this place rules. it was a very busy day; we are up to our necks in press but it’s surprisingly refreshing. tonight we did a signing at a record store in a mall. i’ve never been so stoked but scared for my life at the same time. people swarmed the van and were banging on it like they were trying to break through the windows and rip our teeth out of our heads. i don’t need any more gaps in my teeth! one is just fine, thank you. the signing lasted about an hour and 15 minutes and once we were done we headed back down to the van in the parking garage. we all piled in, jeremy right behind me… when he reached behind our seat to grab his bag a girl popped up from behind the seat… NO JOKE! she was squealing and i could tell she was kinda embarrassed but honestly i was so shocked i just laughed. i laughed hard. luckily, i had my disposable camera with me. (can never have enough of those suckers!) i asked her to wait and take a photo with me before she succumbed to millions of orders for her to evacuate the van… once i get the photos developed, which probably won’t be til we get back home, i’ll post that photo for you all to see. haha i hope it turns out good. i hope my septum ring looks good enough to keep from pissing everyone off hahahah…

aaanyways!!! we are so excited to be here. tomorrow we’re playing Los Premios… VMAs 2.0 haha. rehearsal went well today. the room is so much bigger than where we played for the VMAs back home. there’s said to be something like 7,000 people there tomorrow night. weeeee! so for any of you that have MTV Tres, check it out tomorrow night. (i think we’re sitting behind Metallica! OH MY SSSSTARS!) ok, i just got myself so pumped.

thanks to all the fans that came out to hang with us today at rehearsal and the signing. WE LOVE IT HERE!!!
see ya’ll tomorrow :)


17 Oct 2008

Provinssirock-haastattelu – Jeremy & Hayley

Löysin haastattelun Provinssirock-keikan jälkeen, en ole itse tätä koskaan nähnyt! Jeremy ja Hayley tällä kertaa. :) Suomenkieliset tekstityksetkin vielä.

Katso haastattelu täällä!

17 Oct 2008

Kuvia, videoita, VMA Latin America, LJ-merkintä

Eilen oli siis MTV VMA Latin American vuoro, Paramore esiitti “That’s What You Get”:in ja kävi jopa haastateltavanakin. Tässä videoita;



Lisäilen tässä galleriaan kuvia esiintymisestä, punaiselta matolta ja Hayleyn kännykällä ottamia kuvia.
Hayley myös päivitti bändin LiveJournalin eilen, lue uusi merkintä täällä.

14 Oct 2008

Uusia Mobile Stream-kuvia!

Hayley on postaillut paljon kuvia Decode-videon kulissien takaa Mobile Streamiin Paramore.netissä, myös Ryan Russell on ottanut kuvia kulissien takaa. Kaksi Ryanin ottamaa kuvaa Hayleystä ovat nyt galleriassamme!

13 Oct 2008

Decode uutisia

Paramore on alkanut viime viikon aikana kuvata videota Decodelle, Shane Draken kanssa. Drake on ohjannut myös Paramoren videot Pressure, Emergency, Misery Business ja Crushcrushcrush. Katso kuvia kuvauksista täältä.