21 Apr 2015

Katso Hayleyn ‘Kiss Off’ videosarjan uusin jakso

Hayleyn kauneuteen keskittyvästä ‘Kiss Off’ videosarjasta on nyt julkaistu toinen jakso. Jakso on nimeltään ‘Pretty In Pink’ ja voit katsoa sen alta.

21 Apr 2015

Uusia videoita: Hilton @PLAY Paramoren kanssa

Paramore soitti Hilton Play Konsertissa New Yorkissa viime helmikuussa. Hilton HHonors julkaisi eilen kaksi uutta videota tapahtumasta.

Ensimmäisessä fanit jotka voittivat pääsyn konserttiin saivat kysellä bändiltä kysymyksiä:

Ja toisessa sosiaalisessa mediassa pidetyn kilpailun voittajat tutustuivat joihinkin bändin suosikkikohteista kaupungissa. Tällä videolla nähdään myös kuvamateriaalia keikasta ja meet & greetistä.

15 Apr 2015

Hayley ja Taylor kertovat ‘Ain’t It Fun’ -kappaleen tekemisestä

Hayley ja Taylor kertoivat journalisti Chuck Crisafullille ‘Ain’t It Fun’-kappaleen tekemisestä. Voit lukea alta mitä he sanoivat.

Taylor York: This song was a complete surprise. I came up with a lot of ideas that I thought sounded like what we were supposed to write — big rock guitar riffs that would have fit on our earlier records. As I played each idea for Hayley she’d say, “Yeah, that’s cool but what else do you have?” I went through everything I had until I got to the last idea — one that I wasn’t planning on showing her because I thought she’d hate it. But it was all I had left. She got excited about it and from there the song just built organically and naturally. It all came together in a sound and a style that we had never really explored. The fact that “Ain’t It Fun” came together so easily and worked so well really was the turning point for the writing process of the whole record, and it helped us fall in love with the writing and recording process at a new level. The music was something that I had felt connected to, but I didn’t think it was Paramore. It turned out that whatever we feel connected to absolutely is Paramore.

Hayley Williams: I remember walking into Taylor’s hotel room one of the first days [after] our move to L.A. to make our next album. He played that little marimba part on a loop. I thought it was so cool — I went straight back to my room to get pens and a notebook. By the time I got there I already had a melody, and by the time I got back to Taylor’s room I already had the first few lines of lyrics.

We started demoing vocal parts in Taylor’s room and when we got to the bridge we felt like we needed to hold on a root note and let the tension build with a lot of voices. Taylor and I stacked our voices about 10 different times and it sounded unbelievable — but not in a good way. We decided that we needed really good singers to come in and get it right. A couple of months later we’re recording at Sunset Sound and a local gospel choir comes in, and by the second practice run-through it was perfect. I welled up with tears because I’ve loved gospel music all my life and to hear a choir singing our parts — belting out that harmony — it just felt insane to be in a band that could have that kind of amazing moment as part of our song. All of a sudden we felt big, like we had really made it. Yes, we’ve got a gospel choir on our record. This is really happening.

Paramore voitti Grammyissä parhaan rock kappaleen palkinnon ‘Ain’t It Fun’-kappaleella. Tämä oli bändin ensimmäinen Grammy voitto. Voit katsoa alta ‘Ain’t It Funin’ musiikkivideon.

14 Apr 2015

Hayley Taylor Swiftin ‘Bad Blood’ musiikkivideoon

Hayley tullaan näkemään Taylor Swiftin uudessa musiikkivideossa ‘Bad Blood’ -kappaleelle. Video kuvattiin Los Angelesissa sunnuntaina ja Hayley spotattiin kuvauksissa Taylorin sekä ainakin Lily Donaldsonin ja Cara Delevingnen kanssa.

Ilmeisesti videossa on lukuisia cameo-rooleja ja kohtauksissa tullaan näkemään potkunyrkkeilyä sekä samurai miekkoja. Ainakin Hayleyllä oli kuvauksissa myös sijaisnäyttelijä.

Alla uusi kuva Hayleystä kuvauksissa, lisää kuvia löytyy galleriastamme.

07 Apr 2015

Paramore kertoo MTV Newsille suosikkikappaleistaan

Paramore kertoi MTV Newsille mitä musiikkia he kuuntelevat ja mitä löytyy bändin soittolistalta.

“I think that half the time, the things that are on the charts — somewhere down the line — are being inspired by things that are bubbling under the surface and people won’t ever hear.” Hayley sanoi “Even Ain’t It Fun, that’s us — that’s a culmination of 10-15 years of inspiration that is all across the board.”

Voit katsoa haastattelun ja nähdä muutamia bändin suosikkeihin kuuluvia kappaleita alla. Muut MTV Newsin haastattelun osat löytyvät täältä.

The Decemberists:

“They’re a band that I really love — and I love their new record [What a Terrible World, What a Beautiful World],” Williams said of the Portland, Oregon, band. If you’re not familiar, these dudes get way literary with the references — and, more often than not — their jams sound like sea shanties that skeleton sailors would sing in a Tim Burton movie.


“I think that they are going to be really big,” Williams said of the Baltimore hardcore band. “I think that they’re one of the coolest things to happen in a while — there’s a lot of cool ’90s influence and there’s groove to it that’s kind of hip-hop-ish.”

Tame Impala:

Guitarist Taylor York didn’t really explain why he chose the bands he did, but we’re guessing it’s because Tame Impala, from Australia, is just atmospheric and rad, rad, rad. Their last record, Lonerism, will make you want to become a hermit, and we (and by “we,” I mean me and Taylor) seriously can’t wait for Currents to drop. There’s a new single out now!

Unknown Mortal Orchestra:

Taylor is all about the the international bands — UMO hails from New Zealand. Oh! And they also have a new record on the horizon: Multi-Love, due out in May.