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strange youth
long time coming, this post is……. was…. why am i talking like yoda now?

so, i’m really excited to be writing here. not really sure what i’m going to write about yet but that’s what makes it exciting. i guess i can start with, it’s been a wild month, to say the least. “life is a daring adventure or nothing at all”. is there really more to say about that than that? ok, well one more thing… human beings are no less respectable when they are at their most vulnerable. and that’s why i try to have faith in people.

right now, it’s about 12:30am – we landed here in Hamburg, Germany about 10 hours ago. all i’ve done is sleep, watch movies and “glaze” my hair. i’m trying not to dye it at all this summer besides right before the honda civic tour. i like the way the colors fade and how strung out i start to look with my hair turning all sorts of greenish yellow. it’s even better when i don’t wear any make-up out. what a sight. anyways, i’m tired and at the same time completely restless. and in, what some people would call, a “desperate need” for a shower. and what’s most exciting is that my face wash spilled out into the rest of my toiletry bag. there’s still a little left though.
on the flight over, i read half of a new book i’ve started called Wonderland Avenue. it’s by Danny Sugerman, in case you’re interested, who happens to be my voice doctors’ brother. NEATO! the author of this book not only met and hung around The Doors as a young kid around the age of 13 … but by the time he was out of his teens he was already managing them AND Iggy Pop. (if you aren’t aware of these artists, get to googling). so yeah, couldn’t put that book down until finally i had to… cause me and jeremy wanted to watch Shutter Island on the plane tv’s. that’s right, folks, business class seats have an assortment of movies available to you on little personal tv’s. what a bunch of snobs we must be! by the time we were done with that movie we realized we still weren’t tired so we watched Fantastic Mr. Fox (directed by Wes Anderson, an absolute genius)… and then as jeremy fell asleep i proceeded to doodle in my journal and listen to Nirvana’s ‘Incesticide’, then Mumford and Sons’ ‘Sigh No More’. it was a good flight. clearly, i got a lot of things accomplished.

again, i’m still just sitting here in my hotel room letting the orange glaze sit in my hair until i finally give in to a shower. i didn’t even have enough orange left to cover my full head, so just get over it when you see me and i look like a hot mess.

maybe now is a good place and time to state my opinion on our being everywhere at the same time. seems like we’ve got just about every magazine covered this month, people are playing our songs and i’m singing on B.o.B’s song and it’s just crazy all the time. i do love it… it’s a lot of fun to work hard and see your work all around you. yet at the same time, there are still large number of people that i don’t think will ever get it. the SPIN article (you know, the cover one) that was just printed about us doesn’t really seem to say anything ABOUT us as a band. and it seems that in most cases writers simply enjoy looking at us and exclaiming – like they’ve discovered something huge – “THEY’RE YOUNG!” or of course there’s always, “THEY’RE CHRISTIANS”… or “THEY DON’T SHOOT UP IN THE BACK OF THE BUS!” what is this the 80’s? is it really that sensational that we aren’t the second coming of Motley Crue? does our music suggest that we should be acting otherwise? listen, i’m not trying to sit here and wreck the writer from SPIN. i’m sure it’s hard to get a handle on any band within the amount of time given to capture “our story”. maybe reading articles about us just gets a little monotonous, that’s all. oh and i’m not actually friends with McLovin or Miley. awkward turtle.

and on a slightly different tip, it’s my opinion that anyone who is coming onto our band looking for controversy is completely missing the point. the point isn’t in the intent of controversy, the point is that there is no way around it. as people, aren’t we all bursting at the seams with conflict and controversy? the point of our music is that there are human hearts in it. because anyone knows that eventually, someone will find something on you. if you don’t do drugs, you probably have another addiction. even innocent. we could stop looking for the wrongs and realize that they’re inevitable on the way to something more meaningful. i’m not totally preaching here. talking to myself as well, in case you wondered. who knows? maybe i really am just bored with giving music journalists the benefit of the doubt. like they’re really gonna let people know what we would want to tell them. yet still, i want to have faith in people. and anyways, what WOULD we want to tell people if we had that much space to write about ourselves? it would probably end up just the same. does it ever bug you guys? do you ever feel like some people are just missing it?

when you come to a show do you feel the same thing that i feel when i’m on that stage? i mean, i know you’re not standing on the stage… but surely you can feel the same energy that i’m feeling, to some degree. it’s so much more powerful than all the trivial nonsense that people chalk our band up to be. it means something great and it feels empowering. it’s the grace of knowing that we can all totally suck and be a little messed up and then stand in a room with thousands of other people who are exactly the same way, no matter how dressed up they look on the outside, and we can be broken or triumphant all the same.

man, what have i gone and spouted off about now? sorry for such a long winded, self-serving type of post.
i’m ready to wash this crap out of my hair and try to sleep til the show tomorrow.
we are actually sharing the stage with The Get Up Kids, Hot Water Music and Dropkick Murphy’s tomorrow. should be a good one!

<3 hayley

Hayley kertoo, että ei halua värjätä hiuksiaan kiertueen aikana ollenkaan (paitsi ennen Honda Civic-kiertuetta) koska tykkää siitä, miten aikasemmin laitettu väri pikku hiljaa haalenee ja muuttuu hieman keltaiseksi.
Lisäksi hän kertoo aloittaneensa lukemaan Danny Sugermanin (joka on Hayleyn lauluopettajan veli) kirjan “Wonderland Avenue”.
Hayley kirjoittaa myös siitä, kuinka bändi näkyy tällä hetkellä kaikkialla: monissa lehdissä, ihmiset soittavat heidän biisejään ja Hayley on mukana B.o.B:n Airplanes-kappaleessa. Hän rakastaa nähdä ahkeran työn jälkeen mahtavan lopputuloksen. Hayley myös haluaa sanoa sanansa siihen, miten lehtien (kuten Spin) artikkelit eivät loppujen lopuksi kerro itse Paramoresta melkein mitään. Hayleystä tuntuu, että toimittijat keskittyvät liikaa vain siihen, kuinka nuoria, uskonnollisia ja kilttejä bändin jäsenet ovat. Hayleyn mielestä rokkibändien ei tarvitse olla sellaisia, niin kuin ne olivat esimerkiksi 80-luvulla.
Aina ei tarvitse etsiä vikoja ihmisistä, Paramorenkin jäsenet ovat yhtä lailla ihmisiä kuin kaikki muutkin.


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