Hayleyn Tumblr-päivitys

Hayley päivitti Tumblriaan uudella postauksella, jossa hän onnittelee siskoaan Ericaa tämän 16-vuotispäivän johdosta.


My sister is now the proud owner of my very 1st car, Miss Anne. We thought she was long gone and dead as a doornail! Our dad fixed her up and even put a new back bumper on her so my sis can put all new bumper stickers on the back. Miss Anne shall ride again!

I’m so proud of my sister and who she is. Her heart and her strong mind. And I’m so happy that I get to pass onto her something that meant a lot to me as a teenager. Lot of good times in that car… the best road trips and sing-alongs to all the best records. Now she gets to make all her own memories and hopefully keep it cleaner than I did.

Happy birthday Erica! I love you!


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