Hayley puhuu Daydreaming ja Ain’t It Fun musiikkivideoista

Jory Lee Cordy Paramore

Hayley päivitti Paramoren Livejournaliin ja Tumblriinsa lyhyen viestin jossa kertoi lisää Ain’t It Fun ja Daydreaming musiikkivideoista. Bändi ei julkaise Ain’t It Funin musiikkivideota vielä, koska he eivät olleet tyytyväisiä videon lopulliseen versioon. Video kuvataan myöhemmin uudelleen.

He tulevat kuitenkin julkaisemaan videon Daydreaming -kappaleelle joka koostuu Lontoon keikoilla ja muuallakin kuvatusta materiaalista. Daydreaming ilmestyy sinkkuna Euroopassa ja Iso-Britanniassa. Aikataulusta ei ole vielä tietoa.

Lue Hayleyn viesti kokonaisuudessaan alta.

Ain’t it done?

Hey everybody, it’s Hayley. Back again and I wanted to fill you guys in on something that we’ve been getting a lot of questions about…

We posted a picture a few months ago from behind the scenes of a video we shot for our song, “Ain’t It Fun” … Turns out, the process of making and completing this video has been well, not fun. ZING! To keep things short and BS free, we were not happy with where this video was headed and ultimately, made the decision to pull it.

Not to worry, though! We have since shot another video… for a song called “Daydreaming”, which we’re releasing as a single for our friends across the pond. Of course, we are planning on shooting another video for “Ain’t It Fun” as soon as we get a chance. When we figure out all the details for that, we’ll tell you!

So sorry we kept you guys hanging for so long. Thanks for all the excitement and for all the patience, it hasn’t gone unnoticed. No one is more anxious than us to have the right music video for “Ain’t It Fun”. It’s one of our favorite Paramore songs to date and when the time comes, it’s going to have a video worthy of that sentiment.

Love each and every one of you. See you at the show




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