Hayley puhui BuzzFeedille Fueled By Ramenista

BuzzFeed haastatteli Hayleytä sähköpostitse sivuston artikkeliin Fueled By Ramenista ja siitä kuinka levy-yhtiö on pysynyt pinnalla viimeiset 20 vuotta. Voit lukea Hayleyn osuudet artikkelista alta ja koko artikkelin täällä.

“I remember meeting with John at a Cheesecake Factory, I was with our manager Mark, and doing some acoustic shows at Taste of Chaos 2005. We talked about the scene and where I saw Paramore fitting into it. I was so happy to be hanging with a label guy who got it. He didn’t see me as some answer to Avril Lavigne’s success. He just always understood what Paramore was. Who we were. That sort of thing means a lot to a 15 or 16 year old kid.”

“There have been plenty of changes, and I know that’s pretty normal in the industry, but we’ve never had a reason to want to leave FBR. We like the history that’s there. They have always believed in our vision for the future and they also know our roots. It’s having so many people on the team who we grew up with. We like the reminder of where we came from. It’s nice to share stories and say ‘remember when?’ with some of those people. Not to mention FBR actually have put out so many cool punk rock records and they’ve been a part of so many kids’ experience with the scene. Whether it’s someone else’s idea of punk or not, to me, the fact that two punk fans built a label out of their college dorm means something, and I’m proud to be a part of that.”

Hayley puhui levy-yhtiöstä aiemmin tänään myös Twitterissään. Voit lukea hänen twiittinsä alta.


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