23 Jul 2012

Uusi kuva Hayleyn Tumblrissa

Hayley päivitti Tumblrissa olevaa blogiaan uudella kuvalla itsestään. Kuva on nyt lisätty myös galleriaamme.

Look, I got me one of them sugar skull button covers by Charlavail ;)

15 Jul 2012

Levyn edistymistä

Paramoren virallisessa tumblrissa oli pieni ilmoitus levyn edistymisestä. Sen mukaan rumpujen osalta äänistys on valmista! Sinne päivitetään myös aika tiuhaan tahtiin kuvia studiosta, joten kannattaa seurailla!

“Drums for the 4th album … DONE.”

08 Jul 2012

Uusi video tumblrissa

Paramoren tumblriin on lisätty video, jossa he onnittelevat albuminsa avustavaa rumpalia, Ilan Rubinia, hänen syntymäpäivänsä johdosta. Videon pääset katsomaan klikkaamalla alla olevasta kuvasta.

Today was Ilan’s birthday. Since he’s lending us his magnificent drumming skills we lent him our excellent surprise birthday party skills!

03 Jul 2012

Uusi blogipäivitys Paramoren tumblrssa

Hayley päivitti Paramoren virallista tumblria uudella kirjoituksella.


When I was 17, I started writing lyrics to a song that would later be called “Let The Flames Begin”. It was on our sophomore album, RIOT! I never felt like it really sounded as meaningful on record as it seemed when we played it live. Over the years, we added on and added on to it. Not only is it one of our favorites to play at shows but one of the most highly requested live songs by… ahem… you guys. Maybe it’s just because the song is heavier than most our other songs or maybe it’s cause it feels really emotional to sing some of those words. Either way, it means a lot to all of us.

The lyrics touched on the way I saw us (people who were around my same age at the time) and how we fit in to society… and sort of lightly dusted the topic of the human condition. How broken we must seem from the outside, to whoever happens to be looking in. I have always had that deep sort of hurting feeling that happens when you hear a tragic story of someone young who is diagnosed with a terminal sickness, or when you see someone homeless and begging on the side of the road who you could give a couple dollars to but could never really help… but I get it all the time… just about the world at large. Because I feel, truly and deeply, that we are all searching for some kind of cure or some kind of quick fix, all the time. Always filling a void. I do this every day even when I’m not aware. The condition of being alive and breathing. “How can I please me?” It’s not with pessimistic eyes that I see all these things, I just believe it’s realistic. For some people, there is faith that more is at work than just the brokenness of all of us. For others, it’s enough just to know that we try to be the best human we can be and make whatever difference we can. Whatever your pleasure, belief, sorrow or triumph… we are all human and we are all constantly facing some sort of brokenness. Of the heart, of finances, of family, of dreams… it is real pain and it can’t be ignored.

Sometimes the only thing that gets me through a hard time is knowing that we are all (somewhat) in the fight together. Even as we might feel like we’re fighting alone, there billions of other humans doing exactly the same thing. In whatever their respective fights may be. I don’t know how it helps but really, it does. To know that no one has it figured out. It’s a bit of a drag but it’s just good comfort.

Seeing as even a good 6 years later I still feel all these things about life and being human, it probably should’ve been obvious that we’d write another song with a similar message for the new album. This time around I feel like it comes across a bit more hopeless… but actually that’s what excites me the most about it. To me, it’s getting to the bottom of what you thought was a bottomless pit… and that’s where you surrender yourself to whatever is next. That’s what billions of other people are doing right now. Hitting the bottom only to lift their gaze up and figure out how to get off of the ground again. Yeah, knowing that definitely helps.

It’s strange that a song about all this could go on what is about to be the most positive and most intoxicatingly fun Paramore album we have ever written… but somehow it works. And anyways, anyone who knows me knows I can only write so many happy lyrics til I have to start venting about something else again.

This is long and it’s late and I hope it makes sense to anyone if not all of you who actually read it.


Tekstissä Hayley kertoo Let the Flames Beginin merkityksestä ja siitä miten biisi on tärkeä heille ja meille faneille, ja miten se on yksi heidän lempilivebiiseistään kuten myös todella toivottu fanien keskuudessa. Hayley kertoo heidän tehneen uudelle levylle jotain samankaltaista, mutta tällä kertaa ehkä hieman toiveekkampaa. On hassua miten tämä uusin levy on positiivisin ja hauskin levy minkä he ovat tehneet, mutta jotenkin se toimii. Hayley myös sanoo, että hän voi kirjoittaa vaan tiettyyn rajaan asti iloisista asioista ja jossain vaiheessa hän alkaa taas purkaa jostain muusta.

30 Jun 2012

Uusi blogipäivitys Tumblrissa

Hayley päivitti Paramoren Tumblria uudella blogipäivityksellä. Alkuperäinen päivitys löytyy täältä.


… I get out my computer thinking I’m going to sit down and write some in-depth blog entry; talk about lyrics and life’s pros and cons. Tonight, however, I really just feel like saying thank you. Can’t fake a blog post! A big, long-winded entry is sure to happen soon… as I always have something to say about something. Tonight I just feel grateful that we went into a studio again this morning and got to live through our songs. It still feels surreal. Thanks to those of you who are supporting us from all over the place. You put the fire in us all the time to create and recreate. We are so excited and feel so good about what we are doing here. We’ve been waiting to make this album for a long time now.

See you tomorrow!