26 Jul 2010

HCT keikkavideot

En viitsinyt laittaa LJ-postauksen kanssa samaan, jotenka tein oman. Tuossa Hayleyn blogauksessakin siis puhuttiin kahdesta videosta, jotka nähdään Honda Civic Tourilla Decoden ja Looking Upin aikana lavan taustascreenillä. Tässä muutama video, joissa näkyy nuo videot aika hyvin. Screeneillä näkyvät videot on siis kuvannut ja editoinut Brandon Chesbro.

Laitan Decodesta kaksi videota

26 Jul 2010

omg. jeremy is still sleeping. [LJ]

Hey guys. Hayley here..
I’m sitting in the front lounge of the bus. Being on voicerest is never fun but it’s an almost constant chore when I’m on the road. Maybe I’m getting too old to headbang? I get the most intense “bangovers” (shhh, i know how that sounds).. the first few days of tour and it causes my throat to get a lot hoarser than it would be otherwise. So yeah, needless to say, this off day is pretty event-less. However, typing feels great! So, here I am!

2 days into the biggest US tour we’ve ever done. My head is spinning. So much hard work is paid off every time I look up and see everyone smiling, singing, and having a good time. We want this show to be fun. And while, we’re still getting used to the set-list and the sore necks, it’s already everything we could’ve hoped for. Make sure to hit up Brandon (@branchesbro) on Twitter and let him know what you think of all the videos that we made for the show.

(holy capslock, i just realized i have been writing this like an essay… back to the norm).

there are 2 videos, in particular, that we shot while we were home in franklin only about a week and a half ago. the one for “Decode” and the one for “Looking Up”. there is a small cameo by my younger sister, Erica, in the “Decode” video. she plays a menacing shadow person. that sounds ridiculous… but i don’t know what else to call her role hahah. anyways, Brandon pulled off those two videos – as well as a few others – extremely well. and in such a short amount of time.

another thing… the clothes. my friend Jen (@bunnyjenny) and I designed some stuff for the guys and I to wear. so much fun. for whatever reason, i really enjoy girl-scout stuff.. one of the first goodwill purchases i ever made was a toddler sized girl-scout dress that i wore as a shirt. there’s a pic of it somewhere from 2006 when i brought it on tour with me. so yeah, i still have that sort of obsession.. (mostly with the cookies) and wanted to go with that type of “punk rock girl scout” sort of style for this tour. and since the color scheme was very similar to what the guys like to wear anyways, we just made clothes for everybody! this is my first go-round with the whole designing/costume making biznass. i enjoyed the process very much.
still figuring out a way to sew my mic pack into the dress i made without messing with the style of it. we’ll get there. i’m just stoked that we actually made some skin-tight pants and they are durable… but stretchy enough that my booty isn’t hanging out the back when i jump. that’s so embarrassing. ugh, i could go on about clothes for days. sorry to bore you all. i’m gonna post a few close up “making of” pics of all the pieces i’ll be wearing on stage over at my tumblr and if you’re interested, you can check it all out. >> (

oh, and i’ve also just started blogging for i think it’s just for the duration of the tour… but go and check it out and comment me a lot so i look like a real important journalist.

i really hope that jeremy is actually sleeping and not dead. because it’s like 3:45. i’m gonna go shake him and tell him our bus is on fire.
thanks again if you’ve already gotten tickets to the shows. can’t wait to see you out there. let us know each night what you thought of it…

ps, brandon from delaware is a great singer.


Hayley kertoo että hän ei parhaillaan saa puhua, jotta hänen äänensä saa lepoa. Hän sanoo, että moshaus keikoilla saa hänen kurkkunsa paljon karheammaksi kuin mitä se muuten olisi.
Tähänastisen kiertueen Hayley sanoo olleen kaikkea, mitä he toivoivat, suuresta työstä huolimatta.
Hayley kertoo että he kuvasivat vielä Franklinissä ollessaan kaksi videota kiertueen keikkoja varten, toisen Decodelle ja toisen Looking Upille. Myös Hayleyn sisko Erica esiintyy Decode videossa. Hayley kehuu Brandonia hyvästä työstä videoiden kanssa.
Hayley kertoo suunnitelleensa ystävänsä Jenin kanssa vaatteita bändille kiertuetta varten. Hänen trumblistaan ( löytyy kuvia tehdyistä vaatteista.
Hayley kertoo alkaneensa pitämään blogia MTV:lle kiertueella ollessaan.

20 Jul 2010

You Ain’t A Woman Enough cover

Kuten monet jo ovat saaneet mm. Hayleyn twitterin kautta tietää, Hayley ja Josh levyttävät coverinsa Loretta Lynnin kappaleesta You Ain’t A Woman Enough tämän debyyttisinglen 50. vuosipäivää juhlistavalle levylle. Levylle tulee ilmeisesti myös muiden artistien covereita.
Hayley postitti trumblissaan videon levytysprosessista, jossa oli mukana myös Paper Routen Chad Howat:

15 Jul 2010

Nylon TV: Hayley Williams

Alla video Nylon-lehden kuvauksista, Hayley kertoo mm. kuinka kauan hän käyttää tukkansa laittoon aikaa päivittäin.

11 Jul 2010


Hayleyn ja Jeremyn haastattelu Southside festivaaleilta Saksasta: