22 Sep 2013

Still Into You myi kultaa USA:ssa

Paramoren Still Into You single on myynyt kultaa USA:ssa. Bändi ilmoitti asiasta Twitterissä ja kiitti kaikkia jotka ovat ostaneet singlen. Katso kappaleen musiikkivideo alta.


14 Sep 2013

Hayley puhuu Still Into You -kappaleesta

Hayley puhuu ABC News Radiolle Still Into You -kappaleesta ja kertoo mm. että kappale on hänen suosikkinsa kaikista bändin julkaisemista singleistä. Lue koko juttu alta tai täällä.

If you think that frontwoman¬†Hayley Williams¬†sounds convincing singing about a long-term relationship on¬†Paramore‘s latest hit “Still Into You,” well, she should: the song is about her own love life.

“This song is absolutely autobiographical from start to finish,” she tells ABC News Radio, “It’s about me and the relationship that I’ve been in for the last, like, almost six years now.” ¬†She adds, “This is one of the most, I think, autobiographical songs that we’ve ever released and that I’ve ever written, and maybe that’s why I love it so much.”

She laughs, “It’s kind of exciting when Paramore writes a love song ’cause we don’t do that kind of thing very often.”

Hayley also likes the fact that such a personal song has become so popular. “It is, like, 100 percent my favorite song we’ve ever released as a single, so to see it doing well and that people are really loving it, it feels amazing,” she tells ABC News Radio.

And if you like “Still Into You,” you should probably check out Paramore’s current self-titled album. ¬†Like “Still Into You,” the songs were drawn directly from Hayley and her bandmates’ lives.

“This record is a lot more about who we are individually and personally,” she explains. “I think what’s cool is all the newer fans and people that are just discovering Paramore on this record, it’s nice that they get a really good look into who we are.”

She adds, “I think this is a great record for people to start with if they’ve never listened to Paramore, because by the time you get to the end of it, I feel like you pretty much get us.”

You’ll be able to enjoy Paramore’s personal songs live starting next month, when the band starts a U.S. tour in Seattle on October 15. ¬†When that wraps at the end of November, they’ll take a break and kick off the new year in Australia and New Zealand. ¬†Come March, you’ll be able to get really up-close-and-personal with Hayley and the guys on their first fan cruise, Parahoy!, which sails from Miami on March 7.

10 Sep 2013

Zedd – Stay the Night Ft. Hayley on julkaistu

Zedd:n Stay The Night -kappale jossa Hayley on mukana julkaistiin tänään. Kuuntele koko kappale alta, kyseisen kappaleen musiikkivideo jossa Hayley myös nähdään  julkaistaan 23 syyskuuta.

Zedd kertoi MTV Newsille kappaleesta ja musiikkivideosta sekä siitä kuinka hän ja Hayley tekivät kappaleen tapaamatta toisiaan, lue koko juttu alta tai täällä.

Back in 2010,¬†Paramore‘s Hayley Williams made a departure from her punk-y path when she teamed up with B.o.B. on¬†“Airplanes,”¬†a song that become a massive hit … despite the fact the two collaborators¬†never actually met¬†until the night before they performed the track for the first time.

Three years later, Williams is taking a similar detour, joining forces with rising EDM star¬†Zedd¬†on his new single¬†“Stay the Night.”¬†And though this song definitely isn’t “Airplanes,” turns out, it was created in much the manner: without either artist being in the same room.

“The only time we’ve had a chance to talk was before we recorded the song; we did not get to actually meet yet,” Zedd told MTV News. “I’m sure it will happen; hopefully we’ll play a show together and perform it. Our schedules are obviously pretty busy.”

Still, that doesn’t mean the two were strangers. Zedd has been a fan of Paramore ‚ÄĒ and Williams’ voice ‚ÄĒ for nearly a decade, ever since he began playing in the German rock act Dioramic. And once he had written “Stay the Night,” he knew she would be a perfect match for the track.

“We had the topline written and we needed a singer, and we were kind of brainstorming on who would be a good fit; at first we thought it might be better to have a male singer,” Zedd explained. “But then, since I know Hayley’s voice, we had the idea to use her for the track … I kind of think it’s more sexy and interesting with her singing it.

“What I love about Hayley ‚ÄĒ besides the fact that she’s an incredible singer ‚ÄĒ is that she actually has a lot of emotion that she can carry. There are a lot of singers who sing a melody, and then there are lyrics behind it but they’re not connected,” he continued. “Hayley is one of those singers that really connects the lyrics¬†with¬†the melody and can actually carry that emotion. She’s one of my favorite singers and I think she did an incredible job.”

And on Tuesday (September 10), fans will get to judge for themselves, as “Stay the Night” hits digital retailers. Then, of course, there’s the matter of the official music video, which is reportedly due later this month, and despite the fact that Zedd filmed his portion of the clip without Williams present (Paramore were on tour at the time), he maintains that it’s going to match the song’s sonic wallop … and emotional scope. Just like thebest¬†Paramore songs do.

“The music video is about the same thing the song is about; it’s about a breakup and about a couple spending their last night together although they both know it’s not the right thing,” he said. “It’s really something special, you know, thanks to Hayley. When she said she was down to sing the track, it was a no-brainer for me. I’m so excited by how it turned out.”

04 Sep 2013

Paramore myi kultaa Isossa-Britanniassa

Paramoren uusin albumi “Paramore” on myynyt kultaa¬†Isossa-Britanniassa. Alla Atlantic Records UK:n p√§ivitt√§m√§ kuva b√§ndist√§ vastaanottamassa levyj√§√§n iTunes Festivaalin backstagella.


“Congratulations to @Paramore – their incredible self-titled album has gone Gold in the UK! Here are the guys getting their discs backstage at the Roundhouse ahead of their iTunes Festival show tonight.”

04 Sep 2013

Esimakua Zedd:n Stay The Night -kappaleesta jossa Hayley on mukana

Zedd:n Stay The Night -kappale jossa Hayley on mukana julkaistaan ensi viikon tiistaina, 10 syyskuuta. Nyt kappaleesta on julkaistu pieni pätkä, kuuntele se alta.