19 Feb 2011

Uusi LJ-Merkintä, “New Sensation”

what a weekend THAT was. damn, it never fails to amaze me when i look up and all around me and realize that we are standing on a red carpet. isn’t that sort of every little girl’s dream at least at some point in their life? even if just for a second, you wanna know what it would be like… i mean, i always did. it’s only made even more ridiculous and amazing by the fact that i get to do this stuff with my friends. the guys and i had a blast. let’s not even try and talk about presenting “best rock album” cause i’m pretty sure i nearly pissed my pink tou tou. this years grammy’s were, without a doubt, the best we’ve ever been a part of. and i’ll follow that up by saying, whatever is going on with the 3 of us – however this is working out – it’s something new. it’s unexplainable. and new! i don’t know how else to say it without sounding like i’m forcing it and being a downright d-bag. something just clicked and whatever that was, i’m so freaking incredible grateful for it.

we really made the best of our entire weekend. did a brand new photoshoot – i mean how much longer could you guys crop and re-edit old photos? must have been a little more than awkward too, right? well, lindsey byrnes knocked it out of the park. we had a blast getting all dressed up (i might have had too much fun… but you’re used to it by now) and sooner than later, some of those pics will be up on the interwebz for us all to gawk at. we hung out a lot with our label folk. both Fueled By Ramen AND Atlantic folk, if any of the haters are wondering! we even went to the label’s after party and held down a whole corner in which we danced the night away and onlookers were all “wtf” til they came over and got down with us. the best part is that we actually planned out a lot of our 2011. i know everyone has been hoping for an EP and while we don’t want to confirm anything 100% due to the fact that well, we just don’t wanna confirm it… i can say that we do have enough songs *in the works* for one and we will be recording some of them after we get back from Brasil :) thumbs up? yes? no? mmm yes.

just seems like someone opened up all the windows and let all the air back in. wish you all could have been right there with us over the weekend. hanging out with us and feeling our insanely good vibes, haha! we’re ready to give back to you guys for all the love we’ve felt from you over the past couple of months. heck, for the past 7 years! there’s something new happening here and it’s definitely good.


Uudessa merkinnässään hayley kertoo viime Grammy-viikonlopun olleen loistava. Hän tykkäsi tälläytyä punaista mattoa varten ja poikien kanssa oli mukavaa viettää aikaa. Hayley myös kertoo, että bändi teki uuden photoshootin ( sanoen myös ettei fanien tarvitsisi enää muokata kuvia heistä kolmesta) ja suunnitteli vuoden 2011 täyteen. He eivät voi vielä varmistaa mitään, mutta heillä on tarpeeksi lauluja EP:lle ja ehkä voisivat nauhoittaa niitä palatessaan Brasiliasta. Loppuun hän vielä kiittää meitä faneja tuesta ja sanoo että “jotain uutta ja hyvää” on tapahtumassa.

04 Feb 2011

thank you. [LJ]

tomorrow is our “1st day back” — band practice will rule. i just know it. i’m feeling really good about it the closer it gets.
it may have been a tough month or so, as we’ve beaten into the ground a thousand gazillion times, but finally – and hopefully as of tomorrow – i am ready to start something new. man, i’m sick of being a tired grump. it’s easy to get that way in january, i suppose. but honestly, if not for most of you giving us even the slightest bit of encouragement, i probably would’ve fallen into a legit case of depression. so thank you. another mountain to climb and we’re getting there, right?

also, i know i didn’t answer as many questions as i sort of said i would in the last post. i go back every now and then and read your responses. honestly, they are all amazing. can you believe it’s been like 5 or 6 years of this community? we’re actually growing up together. i can’t imagine having had that conversation in the beginning of this. i’m so honored. can’t promise but i can say that i will try to go back and reply a little more.

this post really has no point other than to say that at the end of it i’m actually ready to move forward.

love you all so much,

Hayley sanoo viime kuukauden olleen rankka, mutta sanoo olevansa valmis jonkin uuden alkuun. Hän myös kiittää faneja tuesta ja sanoo, että olisi varmasti masentunut ilman tukea.
Hayley sanoo käyvänsä silloin tällöin LJ:ssä lukemassa postauksiensa vastauksia ja sanoo kaikkien niiden olevan mahtavia. Hän sanoo, ettei voi luvata, mutta yrittää tulla takaisin ja vastata enemmän.
Hayley lisää vielä, että postauksella ei juuri muuta pointtia olekaan kuin se, että hän sanoo olevansa valmis jatkamaan eteenpäin.

27 Jan 2011

bible belt. [LJ]

can’t believe i’m gonna post about faith.

but it’s all that’s been on my mind lately. and i think, just with my blog and with a few people here, it’s come up enough times to dedicate a little more time to. i’ll start by saying this… i never thought it could get any harder to live in the south, be a Christian, and do what we do. but lately, it has. and i’ll finish starting by saying another thing… this post is about as personal as i could possibly get with all of you. to me, this subject matter is like ripping off a bandaid… or super gluing your lips together and then tearing them apart. (jeremy had a friend do that once, how bloody does that sound?)

disclaimer: i realize that only a few of you here share the same faith as me, so you’ll have to read this all like it’s my totally private diary. like i’m writing it just for my own eyes. and also, i am not using this entry as a way to make you “see the light” and start believing whatever I do. in fact, this is almost the opposite.

so here are the basics: Christians are supposed to love everyone. we are supposed to be a clear representation of God’s heart for humankind. without quoting scripture and getting myself into a storm, it’s easy to see when reading the Bible – particularly the New Testament – that God’s desire for his creation is love. that’s a broad statement but hopefully you follow. sure bad things happen, life happens… but in the end, there’s grace. there’s love. and at least to me, that’s God.

so if Jesus walked the earth, showing grace to everyone, hanging out with “sinners” and even being condemned for it, all in the name of love…what’s so hard to understand that as Christians, we should strive to do the same? i mean, duh, as a human being living amongst other human beings, i’m not expecting perfection.. but that’s just the point. Jesus didn’t expect perfection from us so why do we expect it from one another? why is it that Christians are known for being the exact opposite of how it was written that Jesus lived his life? why are we known as a bunch of hypocrites? i’m getting tired of the representation we’ve got out there. seems like the only Christians that speak up are the crazies. and i guess that’s why i’m so not into talking about all of this all the time. i don’t wanna be one more name you can add to that list.

the million dollar question that i’m wrestling with lately is this: what’s the difference between someone who says they’re a Christian but shows no love and someone who has nothing to do with God but shows love? who would you rather be around? … that’s what i thought!

ugh, so i know i’m rambling and rambling. unfortunately i don’t think i have a total point for all of this. i’m not expecting anyone to have an epiphany about what i’ve typed up. just so angry lately at people who make believing in God look like hate. figured that you guys would understand because i bet you all might have your own stories of condemnation and harsh judgement. i call those stories “playing god moments” – only call them that to myself of course to avoid seeming ridiculously narcissistic! but now you know, so if you have a “playing god moment”, please share it if you can.

and you know, maybe my point is that whether or not it goes down in history, i just want to be able to be known not for being “a Christian” but for being someone that tried to be real with people. sure, i’m not happy all the time. that’s not what having faith is about anyways. i just want to know that i loved people right. or as well as i could. i really believe with everything in me God would actually be pleased with just that. and before i end this, i just want to say that i hope none of this comes off as self righteous. that would bum me out so hard cause that’s exactly what i’m trying to speak out against.
okay, so i’m going to quote one verse –
1 Corinthians 13:13 “Three things remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.”

thanks for reading this one. i’m sure it was confusing – and i didn’t even proofread :/

Hayley aloittaa sanomalla, että tätä postausta enempää henkilökohtaisemmaksi Hayley ei fanien kanssa mene uskoon liittyvissä asioissa ja sanoo uskon hänelle itselleen merkitsevän arkaa asiaa. Hayley sanoo, että moni ei varmastikaan jaa samaa uskoa hänen kanssaan ja ettei tämä postaus ole mitään käännytystä varten kirjoitettu.
Hayley sanoo, että krsitittyjen tulisi rakastaa muita ja sanoo, että Jumalan luomisen pohjalla on rakkaus. Sitä Jumala Hayleylle merkitsee.
Hayley sanoo, että jos Jeesus eli “syntisten” parissa ollen heille armollinen ja hänet tuomittiin kuolemaankin rakkauden takia, miksi muut krsitityt eivät tekisi samaa? Hayley sanoo, että ei tietenkään odota keneltäkään täydellisyyttä. Ja sen hän juuri sanookin olevan pointtina; Jeesus ei odottanut meiltä täydellisyyttä, joten miksi odotamme sitä toisiltamme? Hayley sanoo, että vaikuttaa siltä, että niitä jotka puhuvat uskosta pidetään hulluina. Hän sanookin sen olevan yksi syy miksi hän ei halua uskosta juurikaan puhua.
Hayley sanoo myös miettineensä vastausta kysymykseen: Mitä eroa on ihmisen, joka sanoo olevansa kristitty, muttei osoita rakkautta ja sellaisen ihmisen, joka ei ole krsititty mutta osoittaa rakkautta, välillä?
Hayley sanoo, ettei odota ihmisten saavan “valaistusta” siitä mitä hän on kirjoittanut, mutta sanoo olleensa viime aikoina vihainen, koska jotkut ihmiset saavat Jumalaan uskomisen näyttämään vihalta.
Hayley sanoo ettei halua tulla tunnetuksi siitä, että on kristitty, vaan siitä että hän yrittää olla aito ihmisten kanssa.
Hayley sanoo vielä loppuun, ettei halua postauksen vaikuttavan omahyväiseltä, koska se on juuri sitä, mitä vastaan hän itse on.

10 Jan 2011

small talk [LJ]

hey guys,
i haven’t wanted to come back here for a long time. so much has been going on with us personally that it’s felt wrong to try and come in here and make it all even more complicated by putting too many feelings into it. this was always a place where i could come and vent or try to motivate myself by reading what you have to say. cause most of you are far more inspiring than even you are ever going to know. but to be quite honest, there are some seasons in life where you don’t even want to feel inspired. it’s just sad and it feels almost better that way. then, on the other hand, there are some people here who have no intention of being supportive. there are some of you who’d rather search until you find something you can pull apart. and in a time where our band is seeming most vulnerable, you flourish. i’m not really sure anymore if this is a place where our band is supported or just speculated upon. the funny part is, this is the place – the group of people – who i talk about most when i talk to friends about Paramore. or when someone asks me about our fans. 99.9% of the time, you guys are the ones that i think about when i think about playing shows, or traveling the world. maybe it’s just because some of you have been with us since day #1. and even though some of the negative stuff here makes me wanna throw a child over a waterfall (ok, that’s harsh), the positive stuff USUALLY trumps all of that. i’m not saying i don’t have bad days. i do let some of you here get to me. but hey, that’s pretty human, i think.

okay, so here we are.

what a world we live in… i mean, damn! i thought for a second i was going to have to hang myself in the public square downtown! kidding. duh. but really, have you all seen Easy A? first of all, what a great movie. but second, so relatable. not in a sense that we are all lying about losing our v-cards and then making money off of it and somehow having fake chlamydia. no, i mostly mean the fact that we ALL know how quickly rumors can spread. i feel so sorry for our generation when i watch movies like ferris bueller’s day off – a payphone in the school?! really?! come on. with the internet, the whole world is just playing one huge game of telephone. i’ve STILL got folks asking me why Paramore is breaking up. it’s sort of laughable at this point. i can’t just keep answering those questions, right? you can’t prove hardly anything to anyone. you just have to show them. actions > words. it will always be that way.

but speaking of us not going anywhere. i need to say thank you. for all three of us. taylor and jeremy and i literally can’t believe how much support we’ve gotten. you can’t imagine how motivating it is. we have so many things to look forward to this year. some of which we can’t even hint at cause it would totally jinx it. but we can talk about writing, right? (yes)

we’ve got 2 songs in the works thus far! they are rockin. taylor is doing such an awesome job with the demos. jeremy and i have yet to go over and see his home studio… i think i’m gonna do that later today. it’s just crazy that we are already getting into this process. i’m not sure if this is the exact process that will lead us to make a record but it will certain lead us to releasing songs in some way. in either case, it’s bringing all of us closer together. i’ve never felt like this in our band before. that’s weird and sad to be honest about; and it’s all i want to say about that.

the three of us are trying to be creative about how we can get involved more with you guys. sort of a means of “putting down roots” all over again. with that, we want to be more interactive with the fan club – especially since there are not a whole lot of tour dates booked. but that’s just one of the things we’d like to “fix”. again, actions > words. we have a lot to do!

hope this wasn’t too sappy, or too anything. it’s been a while since i’ve been here, i might be a little rusty. i can’t promise that i’ll come in all the time like i used to. but i do promise that we notice the people here who are still trying to make this place somewhere that people can come in and feel supported. we appreciate you.

miss the road and seeing your faces in person.

ps. oh! there is something that i did want to clear up that never got cleared up before. the “statement letter” posted on .net from the band, was actually written by all of us. over the phone. it wasn’t just me. phew! that feels good to say.

Hayley kertoo, ettei ole totta puhuakseen halunnut kirjoittaa LiveJournaliin pitkään aikaan. Hän sanoo, että LJ oli aina se paikka, jonne hän sai tulla purkamaan tunteitaan ja motivoimaan itseään lukemalla fanien kommentteja. Vaikka moni faneista on todella innostavia, osa ei kuitenkaan edes aio tukea bändiä. Hayley ei olekaan enää varma onko LJ se paikka, jossa bändiä tuetaan. Hän kuitenkin sanoo, että juuri siellä olevat fanit ovat niitä joita Hayley ajattelee puhuessaan faneista. Ehkä juuri siksi, että nämä fanit ovat olleet mukana bändin alkuajoista asti. Monet negatiiviset kommentit kuitenkin saavat Hayleyn todella vihaiseksi.

Hayley sanoo että häneltä kysytään edelleen miksi Paramore hajosi ja hän sanoo sen olevan aika naurettavaa tässä vaiheessa. Hän sanoo, että hän ei pysty vastaamaan siihen kysymykseen.
Hayley myöskin kiittää faneja tuesta ja sanoo että hän, Taylor ja Jeremy eivät voi uskoakaan kuinka paljon tukea he ovat saaneet.
Hayley kertoo että bändillä on 2 demoa työn alla. Hän sanoo, että ei ole varmaa että juuri nämä projektit johtaisivat uuteen albumiin, mutta varmasti kuitenkin uusien kappaleiden julkaisemiseen jollakin tavalla. Hayley sanoo, että hänestä ei ole koskaan ennen tuntunut tältä bändissä, vaikka sen sanominen kuulostaakin oudolta ja surulliselta.
Hayley kertoo myös, että bändi aikoo panostaa Fanclubin toimintaan ja olla enemmän fanien kanssa tekemisissä tulevaisuudessa.

25 Aug 2010

LJ-merkintä [PS]

it’s been long enough…

lordy, where do i start!? miss you guys.
the honda civic tour has been one of the coolest tours that we’ve ever put together. not only because of the size of the crowds but the fact that we have been able to pull off a bigger show, with all the fancy production (never thought it’d happen!) as well as having a line up that is so diverse, i feel like there’s a band for anyone and everyone who comes out to the show. we’ve been having a blast.

right now, we have about a week off of it. and i’m sitting on my living room floor gawking at the TV and everything that is blowing my mind on the new season of True Blood. total vampire anarchy. that’s what’s going down in my house today! if i could count all the times i’ve heard “f*** authority” in the last couple hours i’d be so punk rock, i’d hurt. but anyways, this season is intense. i can barely keep up! between this and dexter coming out in a month my spare time is all booked and busy. which shows are you into right now? anything i should check out? (ps, chad is buying the box set of Lost and i’m going to start that sometime soon!)

the weather at home is so perfect right now. i feel really lucky to come home to a place that is so beautiful. sometimes it’s sad to leave and go out on the road, missing everything that happens here – but honestly, it’s nice to miss the things that you love once in a while. so you never forget to appreciate it. hopefully, i can say this without sounding like a preacher but… remember to enjoy EVERYTHING. the things that feel good, the things that hurt, rejection, acceptance.. it’s all going to make you better. stronger. and more like yourself. every once in a while i get a reminder of how much i’m okay with just being me. i know that sounds ridiculous. cause i’m in this band. we’re lucky. we got successful. but who i am is still this nerdy, silly, flamethrower of a person. and it took me 20 years to see that and get it and love it. now, that i’m home for a few days, seeing some friends and spending some good time alone… with myself… i got one of those reminders:

found one of my old journals. from right around the time we were heading out on tour with NFG in the UK early 2008. i started reading it and couldn’t help but cry a little bit. cause that person was really confused. and very lost. and as it went on, the person behind the pen seemed to get a little bit stronger.. that part felt good. it was the reminder that i needed that right now i’m as strong as ever. there really isn’t a point to telling you all of this. except maybe i want to thank you. cause you are a constant reminder. that i’m not as lost as i once was.

okay, Hoyt from True Blood is cute and distracting. so i’m going to finish watching this episode. hopefully i’ll be back soon! but definitely follow my tumblr if you want more consistent updates. it’s easier to post pictures and what not from the road. ok. Hoyt. gotta run!

Hayley kiittää Honda Civic Tourille osallistuneita, ja sanoo sen olleen paras kiertue ikinä. Tällä hetkellä hän on kotona, bändillä on viikko lomaa kiertueelta. Hayley on enimmäkseen töllöttänyt True Bloodia ja aikoo ruveta katsomaan Lostia, kun Chad tuo dvd-boksin. Hän nauttii kotona olosta ja kehuu säätä, hän kertoo kuinka vaikeaa on jättää koti taakse aina kiertueelle lähdettäessä. Hayley kertoo lukeneensa vanhoja blogimerkintöjään, hän nostaa esiin erään merkinnän, joka sijoittui 2008 vuoden alkupuolelle, jolloin bändi oli hajota. Hän sanoi itkeneensä hieman, mutta tajusi pian, miten vahva hänestä on myöhemmin tullut. Hän ei enää ole hukassa.