08 Jul 2015

Uusi Tumblr postaus Hayleyltä

Hayley kirjoitti uuden postauksen blogiinsa Tumblrissa. Hän puhuu Self-Titled albumin aikakaudesta ja myös muista asioista. Voit lukea postauksen alta.

and finally. a blog.

the last 4 years are gonna play like a movie in my head for the rest of my life. it was the best time from start to finish. everything that has to do with the self-titled album is my favorite memory. even the stuff that wasn’t so easy to go through. cause now i look back and i see why it all happened in the order that it did. we will never make another album like that one. that’s something i’ll always be proud about, and a little sad about, and that’s just the truth.
but what do i know? the next album might be even better than S/T. i should know better by now than to ever question the process, the plan, or the deep belief that i have in paramore… more so than i even have in myself, alone.
every night on Writing The Future, while we were on stage, there was always a moment of realization that we can never relive anything. not any single thing. it’s cruel. seriously, we are a generation who lives almost exclusively through our photos and videos and captions, trying to freeze moments in time but it’s all only a shade of us and our experience. what’s real is what those moment create within us… and that’s what we carry with us and that’s what shapes the moments to come. or at least how we perceive them, feel them, live them. memories do serve us when we are the most nostalgic and i suppose i’m always the most nostalgic… but even my memories of the last 4 years won’t fill me the way actually living it all did.
and that’s got to be why it’s so important to move forward and never live in the past. we can never be fulfilled by a moment that’s gone. if we’re not living in the now (wayne’s world ref) and struggling, striving to find ourselves and each other here in the present then what even is our point? yeah, i know the whole “be present/be content with where you are” spiel sounds like bullshit but it’s true… and no one needs to hear it more than me. con-stant-ly.
speaking of the present: i’ve been wedding planning, attempting to write and sometimes actually writing, moving into a new place, and building a hair-dye company from the ground up. all at the same time. yes, i am completely insane! you should see my crazy eyes. i think they’re permanent now actually.. i’m going to try my best to share bits and pieces of some of all of it as we go along but no promises cause some days i forget the internet exists (and i think that’s a good thing).
last thing:
thank you again for Writing The Future. never cried on stage the way i did during “Future” in Portland. the signs you guys made and held up for all the shows were moving and served as a reminder of our purpose and the hope we had for the band in the beginning. thank you guys for creating a community within our “fanbase”. we do what we can to keep it feeling like a family because that’s truly what it feels like to us… but you guys are daily doing all the work to really make it real. nothing felt more right than celebrating S/T with you guys in those gorgeous theaters.
i’ve typed for long enough now. writing lyrics with carpal tunnel sounds great and all but i’d rather not.


01 Jun 2015

Uusi Tumblr postaus Hayleyltä

Hayley kirjoitti eilen uuden postauksen blogiinsa Tumblrissa. Hän puhuu siitä kuinka on feministi ja myös Paramoren ‘Misery Business’ -kappaleesta. Voit lukea postauksen alta. Hayley myös mainitsi kirjoittavansa Writing The Future -kiertueesta ja Self-Titled albumin aikakaudesta lähiaikoina.

i read a couple comments today about how i can’t be feminist or whether or not i’m a “good” feminist. to speak specifically to one of those comments, i’ll say this: Misery Business is not a set of lyrics that I relate to as a 26 year old woman. i haven’t related to it in a very long time. those words were written when i was 17… admittedly, from a very narrow-minded perspective. it wasn’t really meant to be this big philosophical statement about anything. it was quite literally a page in my diary about a singular moment i experienced as a high schooler.

…and that’s the funny part about growing up in a band with any degree of success. people still have my diary. the past and the present. all the good AND bad and embarrassing of it!

but i’m not ashamed. one thing i’m more thankful for than just about anything is all that my experiences – including my mistakes – have shaped me and made me someone i’m happier to be. in songs and in life. it’s always a little nerve-wracking to bring you guys along for the ride but when i step back and think about it… it’s kind of a huge honor that anyone cares in the first place.

in conclusion. i’m a 26 years old person. and yes, a proud feminist. just maybe not a perfect one?

thanks for reading this.

(ps, i’m coming back for a blog about the Self-Titled era and Writing The Future… soon)

15 Mar 2015

Uusi blogimerkintä Hayleyltä

Hayley kirjoitti paramore.nettiin uuden blogimerkinnän. Hän puhuu siitä kuinka Self-Titled Albumin aika on päättymässä, tulevasta Writing The Future -kiertueesta, hiusvärimallistostaan sekä myös uusimmasta projektistaan: kauneuteen keskittyvästä videosarjasta ‘Popularissa’, uudessa online lehdessä. Voit lukea koko postauksen alta.


What a year. And it’s only March.

I’m trying to understand how it could be that 3 years have gone by since we wrote and recorded the Self-Titled album. How is it that we are near the end of our time with this album? I remember at the beginning of 2006, some of our team started to ask what we were thinking about the next album and if we’d begun writing what would later become “RIOT!”. I’ll never forget that conversation and how sad it made me. Things had only begun to heat up for us with “AWKIF” and I was feeling like it still had a ton of life in it. We were on Warped Tour that summer and when the tickets for our first headlining tour went on sale, I could feel myself becoming more and more satisfied with the life that we gave our 1st album. We gave that album what it deserved, with a pretty-much sold out tour, after it gave us what would become the foundation for our entire career.

Today, I felt the sadness again. This time for our 4th album. I listened to some of the songs in the car while driving on the interstate… which is the best place to listen to your own album because you don’t have to stop at the red lights and feel like people can tell that you’re listening to yourself. I listened to some of the songs we haven’t played, some that we have… and I just felt like I wasn’t ready to let go. It’s really true that this album was our favorite yet. It’s really true that we became the band we always hoped we would be. I think I sorta knew it was in us all along but I’m one of those people who doesn’t always do a good job of putting those feelings into words. I’m better at putting those feelings into lyrics. You’d think lyrics and words are one in the same… nope! The fact that we get to do another run of shows for the S/T cycle is totally saving me right now… Keeping me from feeling a ton of regret. It’s keeping me excited. There’s still some life left in it and I’d feel that forever if we didn’t get a chance to let it out. I’m so ready for Writing The Future.

At one point during the drive, I must’ve accidentally hit “Shuffle” because “Whoa” came on, haha! It was the suckerpunch of nostalgia that I definitely didn’t need anymore of today. But it didn’t make me sad, it made me so proud and so happy. It reminded me that at one point, I thought I could never do better than that album… and then the guys and I went on to write 3 other ones that made me more and more proud with each one. That’s the feeling that keeps me hopeful and inspired. Even though it’s a little bit sad to have to leave some parts of your life behind you, it’s crucial. There’s more to do. You’re needed in the future, where a newer, stronger version of you is waiting. Ugh, I have no idea what is next for Paramore but I can’t wait to find out.

In other, less musical news, I’ve had enough free time since Monumentour to work on a couple of other projects. One being an entire business that I’m starting from the ground up. My own hair dye line. I really wanted it to already be a thing by now… but DAMN did I underestimate the workload. You may not believe me when I tell you this but I have been working towards my own hair dye company for the better part of 4 years. It started around the time that Jeremy, Taylor, and I went to visit Bamboozle that one year we didn’t play. I think it was 2011. Here we are at the beginning of 2015 and I can actually say that it’s becoming reality. As in, it’s being made. It’s happening! As soon as I know with 100% certainty that it’s okay to talk about publicly in detail, then you can bet I’ll be screaming it from the top of internet mountain. I cannot wait to bring people into this… I’m learning so much and I’m excited to hopefully share what I learn with people so that they can take the art of self-expression into their very own hands, with confidence! It’s gonna be fun.

The 2nd thing I’ve been working on was just announced last week, although it would’ve been easy to miss if you weren’t glued to the computer, or the Twitter, as I am pretty much daily. I’m going to be hosting an internet show about beauty looks and makeup and personal inspiration. The show is called Kiss-Off and it’s part of the new online zine/community called Popular that my friend Marvin Scott Jarrett, who co-founded Nylon Magazine (MAYBE YOU’VE HEARD OF IT), just launched. It’s a little bit unbelievable that I bumped into him while grocery shopping in LA last summer and not even a year later I get to be a part of his new project. I’m super excited about it. You’re really going to see how much of a nerd I am… and hopefully you’ll get to see how widespread my influences and inspirations are. The show is NOT a show about “how to get pretty” or “this is how you should look!”. It’s really about encouraging people, especially young people, that perfection is not what makes beauty. Getting to know yourself through your inspirations, painting your personality across your face, and enjoying the process of self-expression… that’s what is beautiful. The best part is, I get to bring Brian O’Connor (my best friend of about 10 years/the boy wonder who makes me look alive on the road & in videos) along for the ride. We shot a few episodes already and I’m sure we’ll shoot some more once we’re on the road. Hopefully, you won’t think we are complete losers. You probably will. Oh well.

Geez. Did I leave anything out? I didn’t talk much about wedding planning did I? Haha, when I say life is crazy at the moment… I mean, life is CUHHH-RAAAAZY. But it’s all the good kind of crazy. I’m pinching myself in between pulling my faded and frizzy orange hair out. It’s amazing. Okay. The longest blog of my life. I really owed some of you guys though. It’s always a long time between personal updates and I’m always getting asked to write these. I might’ve lost my touch. Teenage Hayley was insane on Xanga and LiveJournal… older me is all 140-characters lazy. Anyway, I did my best! Thanks for reading, caring, supporting.

Taylor, Jeremy, and I are forever grateful for this big crazy family we have found in all of you and we can’t wait to party in April & May. Happy Spring!

love Hayley!

27 Dec 2013

Uusi Tumblr postaus Hayleyltä

Hayley päivitti Tumblriaan uudella merkinnällä jossa kertoo 5 unohtumatonta hetkeä tai muistoa tältä vuodelta. Voit lukea koko merkinnän alta.

tumblr_mw5wpiWPpb1rpa0j0o3_1280 (1)

24 was one of my favorite years I’ve lived thus far. It was happy, triumphant, challenging, and hopeful. I’m super thankful for all my many blessings, strengths, and for all the weaknesses in my life which motivate me to grow and better myself. Anyway, thanks to everyone who made 24 what it was to me personally. I wrote some stuff down in my phone about a month ago… And I thought if I was ever going to post it then today would probably be a nice day to do that. Here are 5 moments or memories from this year that I know I will never ever forget… In no particular order, of course.

* Sneaky little NYC trip to surprise Chad- waited for him at Toy Tokyo (one of our fav spots in the city), his face was the greatest when he realized it was me standing there in the middle of the store. We hung NFG flyers around Terminal 5, sang along to H2O together and then I watched him and NFG play. It was a trip that now I realize really made us even closer, without us realizing itin the moment. That night we ordered tons of room service in the weeeeee hours of the morning and just talked about how insane life is, in the best and weirdest ways, until he had to leave go back to his tour bus and I had to hitch a ride to our show in PA.

MSG show – haven’t been that nervous in a long time. My entire family was there to cheer all of us on. I saw Grandat crying and singing along side-stage. We played so well that night. I had a blast on stage and the guy I picked from the crowd to come sing Misery Business with us was the best we’ve ever had… Christian Brown. Dude even did a full on split center-stage! The entire night felt like a huge victory for Paramore and our whole team. There were even some tears.

Wicked The Musical – I scored tickets for the whole family (which on my dad’s side is like 927262 people!) and all of us went to see Wicked together. Laughed, cried, and just watched in awe. You know when the Williams men admit to loving a broadway show, then the stars have really aligned! Loved sharing that with them and I won’t ever forget it.

Self Titled record release day – I remember celebrating alone with a bag of peanut m&m’s as the clock struck midnight and our record went up on iTunes. That morning, we flew from NYC to LA… The busiest schedule ahead of us… And the three of us couldn’t stop smiling cause we knew it was finally real. We read every fan review/comment/message that day like we’d just discovered the Internet for the first time. Indescribable, the feeling, seeing people so excited about the band that we’d become.

Baby Davis! – on the way home from our summer European festival run, we were all worn out.. Tired.. Hungry for US food again.. And ready to be in our own beds. I’ll never forget sitting in the airport lounge in Chicago when Jeremy told all of us that he and Kat were pregnant with a baby girl. I practically screamed at the top of my lungs – everyone in the lounge looked to see if I was ok – and we explained, “our best friend is having a baby girl!” Tears and smiles and cheers. I can’t wait to be an auntie to the sweetest little fairy that’ll ever be.

04 Dec 2013

Uusi viesti Paramore.netissä

Paramore päivitti Paramore.nettiin uuden viestin jossa he kiittävät faneja jotka tulivat Self-Titled Kiertueelle. Viestissä puhutaan siitä kuinka Jeremy ei ole mukana joulukuun Jingle Ball keikoilla ja kerrotaan että Jeremyn tulee korvaamaan bändin ystävä ja uusimman levyn tuottaja Justin Meldal-Johnsen. Viestissä paljastettiin myös että neljäs single “Ain’t It Fun” tullaan julkaisemaan tammikuussa! Voit lukea koko viestin englanniksi alta.

Hello P-more family!

Lots to talk about, so little time to talk about it all!

First of all, we can’t say thank you enough to everyone who came to see us on The Self-Titled Tour. Honestly, it couldn’t have gone any better. Big shows, loads of people, new fans and old school fans! To the long-time super hardcore dedicated bunch: it’s a little nuts to think that we’ve been touring for 8 years now and you have stuck with us through thick and thin. Seeing your faces up front will never get old and your pictures from the shows were both incredibly humbling and gratifying. To those of you who’ve just discovered what it means to be a part of our family, it was amazing to see you all out there and hear you sing along to all the songs – even the deep cuts! Thank you to everybody who made that tour what it was and what it will forever be. We will most definitely see you again and hopefully sooner than later!

Some of you will see us this month on our little holiday run. All the Jingle Ball shows and radio shows… we’ve got ’em covered. One little thing though… Maybe you already know but just in case you don’t: Jeremy and his wife, Kathryn, are getting ready to have their baby girl! We’re weeks away now. We all thought that maaaaaybe that was a little bit important and everybody told him that if he needed to bolt, we’d completely get it and we’d cheer him on from over here and swing the holiday shows without him. So he won’t be with us at these Christmas shows but now he can go ahead and be with his family in England and he and Kat can bring their little one into the world! Make sure to send Jeremy lots of love and pictures from the shows and messages for him and Kat and the 1st P-more baby. We can’t wait to meet her!

Maybe you’re wondering how the heck we’re gonna play shows without Jeremy slapping the funky funk out of his bass? Don’t worry… we took care of it. We’re psyched to let you know that for all the dates in December, our producer/friend/ridiculously talented musician, Justin Meldal-Johnsen will be joining us! So Philly, you will see him with us tonight! It’s gonna be a lot of fun and a really memorable bunch of shows. This is an exciting time for our band. Having our best friend become a dad, playing some shows with someone who really helped Paramore get to where we’re at today, and to be able to celebrate the year that we’ve had and end it only to start another great year just doing what we do. Check the tour dates on our page to see if we’re playing any holiday/radio shows near you and if we are, come hang and celebrate with us!

Speaking of next year… We’ll be releasing a brand new single along with a new video! “Ain’t It Fun” will officially be out some time in January :) Thanks for being patient with us. We just shot the video yesterday in our hometown and now we’re just waiting for all the editing, revisions, and approvals to start! No official release date for the single has been set and as usual, the video release will follow suit. We’ll keep you posted! This one is gonna be a good time.

Alright. See you at the show!
Hayley & Taylor (with Jeremy in spirit all the way from ol’ Blighty!!)