27 Jul 2015

Taylor kirjan julkistamisjuhlissa ystäviensä kanssa

Taylor York vietti viime viikolla aikaa ystäviensä kanssa kirjan julkistamisjuhlissa Wilder kaupassa, Nashvillessä. Katso galleriastamme uusia kuvia Zac Farron ja muiden ystävien kanssa.


23 Jul 2015

Hayley Alternative Press Music Awardeissa

Hayley osallistui eilen Alternative Press Music Awardeihin. Tapahtuma järjestettiin Quicken Loans Arenalla Clevelandissä, Ohiossa. Katso galleriastamme uusia kuvia tapahtumasta.


Paramore ei suunnitellut osallistuvansa tapahtumaan, joten Jeremy ja Taylor eivät olleet paikalla. Bändi oli ehdolla kolmessa kategoriassa tänä vuonna ja Hayley voitti Paras Vokalisti kategorian! Kiitospuheessaan hän sanoi: “I love to sing funk music. I love to sing pop music. But most of all, I love to sing Paramore!” Voit katsoa alta videon Hayleystä vastaanottamassa palkintoaan, lista kaikista voittajista löytyy täältä.

Hayley myös esitti ‘Vicious Love’ -kappaleen New Found Gloryn kanssa eilen. Voit katsoa alta videon esityksestä.

08 Jul 2015

Hayleyn ja Chadin haastattelut Alternative Pressissä

Hayley ja hänen sulhasensa Chad Gilbert ovat uusimman Alternative Pressin kannessa. Jason Pettigrew haastatteli heitä lehteen, he puhuivat New Found Gloryn “Vicious Love” -kappaleen uudesta versiosta, kappaleen tarinasta ja suhteestaan.

Voit lukea haastattelun alta ja katsoa lehden skannaukset galleriasta. Olemme myös lisänneet uusia, David McClisterin ottamia kuvia galleriaan, katso kaikki kuvat täältä.


New Found Glory with Hayley Williams:

This month, Artist Of The year nominees New Found Glory are reissuing their kickass album Resurrection with a remake of the pop-punk-meets-glam track “Vicious Love.” How sweet is this new version? Well, it features Paramore frontwoman/best Vocalist nom Hayley Williams, so pretty sweet. And if you’ve got your APMAs tickets, you’ll be able to see Williams and NFG perform it live. NFG guitarist Chad Gilbert and Williams talked about the story behind the single and how Williams likes pampering her fiancé’s bandmates.

What’s the story behind the new version?

Gilbert: the songs was originally on resurrection. I wanted to redo it, so I hit up Hayley and I was like, “Hey can you help me brainstorm and think of a cool female vocalist to sing on this?” [Laughter.] Ian [Grushka, NFG bassist] loves Kacey Musgraves and one time I saw this post where she said her first crowd-surf was at a New Found Glory show. Hayley’s friends with her so I was like, “Maybe we would do it or…“

Hayley Williams: …and I’m like [points at self, starts clearing throat]

Gilbert: …and I’m like, “You? That’s little too obvious for me.” And she’s like, “No. I love New Found Glory. I want to do it and I know I would kill it.” So I said to her, “Obviously, I’m not going to tell you  ‘no,’” –the band loves her and we love her voice and she’s so talented – and I think [her contribution] makes the song special, because it was inspired by her.

The song isn’t a perfect love song: It’s easy to see photos of Hayley and me on Twitter and think, “Oh, they’re perfect.” The truth of the matter is no relationship, even if [it’s] working, is ever easy. We did have a phase that felt like constant battling, and I feel like when you’re in that friction, living in that tension made us realize that our relationship was worth it. When people in a relationship start battling–that time always comes–and when most people abandon their relationship, for us, that’s when we learned we liked each other the most, after getting through that.

But you have this unique relationship, the kind where you can say something like “I can’t talk, I’m talking to Dave Grohl and Trent Reznor,” and no one’s going to say, “Who’s more important, rock stars or me?” “Normal” people would take that as an affront to the relationship.

Gilbert: Totally. I was in the Shai Hulud when I was 14 years old: My entire life has led me to Hayley because of music. I don’t think she’d want to jeopardize where music could take my life in the future. One of the reasons we found balance in our relationship is because we know we can’t exist together without doing what we love. Take her out of what she loves, she’s not what she’s supposed to be–neither am I. We both want the best versions of what we’re supposed to be.

Williams: We’ve been super-lucky to be in bands as individuals, but when we come together, it only makes the relationship stronger. When some people aren’t living out what they really want, that takes a toll on not only romantic relationships, but your relationship with yourself.

Gilbert: [to Williams] Can I tell him?

Williams: [smiles] I don’t care.

Gilbert: Remember the Parahoy cruise ? We weren’t together.

Williams: [Laughs] It was horrible.

Gilbert: We were stuck on a boat in the ocean for about four or five days with a bunch of Paramore fans asking me, “Where’s Hayley?” And I’m like, “She’s great.” We didn’t tell anyone because we’ve always been private with our relationship. But that time period was part of the “Vicious Love” thing…

Williams: You have to figure out who you are by yourself. Your identity accidentally wraps yourself up in what band you’re in for 10 years. Even if you’re not in a band, I think you can still feel various levels of that in relationships and when it’s taken away, you’re kind of like, “What am I?”

There’s sense of optimism in the song. You can fall in love or text a Dear John letter to it. And people can hear it at the APMAs.

Williams: It’s gonna be rad.

Gilbert: Hayley always sings better live anyway. It’s true.

Williams: [NFG] have never had a bad show, but I swear before every show, Jordan [Pundik, vocalist] comes up to me and he’s like [imitates nervous dude], “Ahhh, I don’t know about this. Ahhh, I don’t like my shirt. Ahhh my voice.” [Laughs.]  I try to show him warm-ups, give him tea or whatever. Even when they say they suck, New Found Glory don’t suck at all. I love watching them and to be actually onstage with them will be a good time.

Hayley is the biggest New Found Glory fan because she takes the time to coddle the lead singer.

Gilbert: She made us do face masks after our show in Belgium. We got offstage and she was like, “You have to do face masks!”

Williams [Laughs.] You gotta keep these guys looking young. You should’ve felt Ian’s skin afterward. It’s never been so baby soft.

Hayley puhui myös Paramoresta ja menneisyydestä omassa haastattelussaan, voit lukea sen alla olevasta skannauksesta.

06 Jul 2015

Uusia kuvia: Hayley ystävien ja fanien kanssa Tennesseessä

Hayley vietti viikonloppuna aikaa kotonaan Tennesseessä. Eilen hän ja hänen sulhasensa Chad Gilbert ottivat kuvia Doug the Pug koiran kanssa Barista Parlor Golden Soundissa, Nashvillessä. Fanit myös spottasivat Hayleytä perjantaina Nashvillessä ja lauantaina Franklinissa.

Löydät nämä kuvat ja myös muita ystävien kanssa otettuja kuvia galleriastamme.


31 May 2015

Jeremy osallistui Great Strides -hyväntekeväisyyskävelyyn

Jeremy ja hänen ystävänsä osallistuivat eilen Great Strides -hyväntekeväisyyskävelyyn kystisen fibroosin hyväksi. Tapahtuma järjestettiin Griffith Parkissa, Los Angelesissa. He päivittivät myös kuvia ja videoita tapahtumasta, voit katsoa kaksi uutta videota alta, kaikki uudet kuvat löytyvät galleriastamme.

Great Strides kävely on kystisen fibroosin -säätiön varainkeruutapahtuma jossa kerätään varoja tutkimuksiin ja lääkkeiden kehittämiseen. Voit lukea lisää säätiöstä ja sen kävelyistä täällä.


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