24 Nov 2014

NPR Music haastatteli Hayleytä ja Joy Williamsia

NPR Music haastatteli Hayleytä ja Joy Williamsia sähköpostitse. He puhuivat ystävyydestään, Hate To See Your Heart Break -kappaleesta ja muista asioista. Voit lukea haastattelun alta.

Singing with a friend is a uniquely compelling experience. It’s like speaking in a language that’s both simplified and enhanced, making deeper communication instantly possible. Hayley Williams and Joy Williams, not related though they share a last name, have been friends for more than a dozen years, since Joy was a young star on the contemporary Christian music scene and Hayley was a promising tween songwriter. Since then, Hayley’s found fame leading Paramore and Joy has followed up her CCM work with success in The Civil Wars, and now, a solo career. But they’d never collaborated on a recording before this duet on “Hate to See Your Heartbreak,” included on the new deluxe version of Paramore’s self-titled 2013 album, out tonight.

The friendship is why their collaboration sounds so natural and mutually sympathetic. “When we met, I was 12 and Joy was like 18 or 19, I think,” Hayley said in a recent email. “I was already a fan of hers. It was fate that we became friends. She was always giving great advice and listening to songs I’d written or big plans I had about becoming a real artist.” Though the two women spent years on slightly diverging paths, they’ve always looked to each other for inspiration. “Our friendship has grown deeper as we’ve grown up, and I think we’ve gotten even closer in the last year,” Joy added, also in an email. “I’ve always loved how we’ve been able to pick up where we left off, no matter how long it’s been.”

“Hate To See Your Heart Break” has the beautiful melody line of a classic harmonizing tune, reminiscent of The Everly Brothers. Hayley composed it with her Paramore bandmate Taylor York during a dry patch in the Paramore writing sessions. “We were both feeling a little melancholy,” she recalled. “We just sort of meshed each of our individual ideas and they fit together perfectly. As far as the old school vibe of it, I think down deep I had been dying to write a song like this for a long time. What I love about ‘Heartbreak’ in particular is that both vocal melodies are strong enough to be leads but they sort of act as harmonies to each other.”

Joy, who’d intertwined her voice so beautifully with John Paul White’s in the now-defunct Civil Wars, welcomed the chance to harmonize the way she’d learned as a child, when she’d sung with her mother and older sister. “Since I grew up harmonizing with women, it felt really natural singing with Hayley,” she said. “I remember she and I talked that day in studio, about how we have some similar traits in our voices. All we had to do was give into that for our harmonies to really come together. The blend felt natural, very much like family. I think women have a mysterious way of tapping into each other if they know each other well, and I felt that.”

The pair’s camaraderie lends warmth to both the performance and the video, made during the pair’s session at the Village Recorder in Santa Monica. They were, Joy noted, “in the room that Stevie Nicks personally decorated for Fleetwood Mac’s recording of their double album Tusk. I felt like some of the mystic spirit of Stevie is still in the walls there. That’s a good energy to have in a room, especially with two women recording like we were. It felt like the perfect place to let down, light candles, take off our shoes and just be. We’d take breaks, make hot tea in the studio kitchen, and get lost in conversation before we realized we should probably get back to work.” The vibe was so cozy that Joy gave Hayley her Steve Madden shoes to wear, so the younger artist would match her pal’s height for the cameras. “I actually felt tall that day, and that never happens!” the diminutive singer added.

Hayley feels that the song has found its hidden dimension in this version. “I love that I got to sing this with someone who I have shared my pains and my stories with for quite some time,” she explained. “Someone whom I know well and who I’ve sat and listened to as they share their own pains. It was never meant as romantic song between lovers but always a song to a friend. Now it’s even more special. I think of it as an ode to sisterhood. Close friendship between women who share their stories with each other and who lift each other up and understand one another.”

Joy’s fans will be happy to see her vocalizing again, since she’s only released a couple of collaborations since The Civil Wars split. She has a solo album coming soon. “We are mixing right now,” she reported. “It’s raw, it’s real, and it’s a sonic progression for me. An unflinching look into my journey in the last two years, and into who I’m becoming now.”

Hayley, who’s become a bona fide pop star in recent years while remaining one of rock’s leading female performers, is proud of the expanded palette songs like “Heart Break” represent. “I am so proud of every song [on Paramore],” she said. “There are nods to our roots as a band, there are nods to genres we each love as individuals, and the whole album really sums us up. It is the perfect self-titled album for Paramore. Now, I have no idea where we will go because I know better than to think there are limitations.” One thing is sure, as this duet proves: going down new roads, it’s crucial to have friends who can follow your voice and lead you with theirs.

14 Oct 2014

Uusia kuvia: Hayley ja Taylor Paramoren kiertuemanagerin häissä

Hayley ja Taylor olivat Paramoren kiertuemanagerin häissä Cocoassa, Floridassa viime viikonloppuna. Galleriaamme on päivitetty uusia kuvia kyseiseltä päivältä, kaikki kuvat löytyvät täältä.


28 Sep 2014

Uusia kuvia: Hayley ja Chad spotattu Universal Halloween Horror Nightissa

Fanit spottasivat Hayleyn ja hänen poikaystävänsä Chad Gilbertin heidän ollessaan ystäviensä kanssa Universal Halloween Horror Nightissa viime perjantaina. Galleriaamme on lisätty uusia fanien kanssa otettuja kuvia, kaikki kuvat löytyvät täältä.


Chad päivitti kuvan heidän illastaan instagramiinsa:

“So glad Horror Nights starts in September! AVP looked awesome and werewolf in London scared me the most. Tradition kept.”

25 Sep 2014

Well+Good haastatteli Hayleytä

Well+Good haastatteli Hayleytä hänen suosikki kauneustuotteistaan, voit lukea haastattelun alta.

Imagine you’re Hayley Williams, the lead singer of Paramore. Your band’s latest single, “Ain’t It Fun,” practically plays on repeat on the country’s top radio stations and you play at sold out concert arenas across the globe. You probably need some caked-on, melt-proof, chemical-strength makeup for those appearances, right?

Wrong. A champion of healthier choices, 25-year-old Williams opts for natural beauty products whenever she can. “What I like about natural beauty products is that, when you find one you love, not only do you get some kind of instant gratification just by using it, but you also get the peace of mind that you’ve invested in your future wellness,” she says.

Williams discovered natural beauty through her battle with acne, which she previously treated with some pretty harsh products. “Honestly, some of those things did work, but I just didn’t feel good about making an aggressive beauty routine part of my lifestyle,” she recalls. “The long-term effects scared me.”

So when she does need to glam up for the stage, Williams and her makeup artist, Brian J. O’Connor, opt for makeup from brands like Armour Beauty and Tarte. “I want it to look healthy and natural throughout the whole show—more important than setting the skin with a powder or a spray afterward is hydrating it and prepping it beforehand, either with a favorite moisturizer or facial oil,” she says. “My personal favorite base makeup for stage is Tarte’s Amazonian Clay BB Tinted Moisturizer. It performs well under pressure and it doesn’t stress me out like cakey makeups do.”

Still, she admits there isn’t a mascara in the world that can stand up to a Paramore concert (AKA blaring lights and 25,000 fans screaming at you), be it natural or not. “I don’t care about having raccoon eyes, it’s a rock show, not a magazine cover,” she says. —Jamie McKillop

1. DoTerra PastTense Essential Oil Blend Roll ($20) I carry this everywhere with me. It’s fully loaded with stress-reducing essential oils (all certified pure therapeutic grade) like lavender, peppermint, chamomile, basil, and even more. It’s so good for people who, like me, carry tension in their necks. Especially the kind of tension caused by excessive head-banging. I just roller-ball it right onto my temples or the back of my neck, and I swear in minutes I feel like I’m in a peppermint-lavender wonderland with no worries in the world.

2. RMS Un-Cover Up ($36) My absolute favorite beauty product. I used this to cover spots when I was battling acne years ago, on and off stage, and I still use it now even though my skin’s cleared up. Healthy, organic ingredients that are gentle enough for sensitive skin, but also work well enough to keep you feeling confident.

3. Kevin Murphy Young Again Masque ($42) Kevin Murphy’s hair-care range may be the only reason my hair is still alive today. I’ve used his products almost exclusively for the last seven years, and my overly-dyed hair is still healthy as ever. All the products are paraben-free, sulfate-free, and cruelty-free, and this hair mask is my new favorite treat. I love the smell and the instant gratification of how happy my hair seems afterward.

4. Rich Hippie Rock Star Organic Perfume ($85) First of all, yes I realize how ridiculous it is that I’m in a rock band and I wear a perfume called Rock Star, but that’s beside the point. Fragrances always make my head hurt! I had to start looking for alternatives that weren’t filled with nonsense, and that’s when I discovered this one. For me, it’s the perfect mix of flowery feminine, sexy-spicy clove, and cozy vanilla. Bonus points for the tiny glass vial and rollerball application that make it so convenient to travel with.

5. S.W. Basics Lemongrass Body Oil ($36) I love, love, love this company, what they stand for, and the people behind it. All their products feel luxe and fun at the same time. Anything you order from them has the ingredients listed clearly on the front of the bottle. This one in particular has four, count ‘em, FOUR, ingredients. I’ve never felt more like I’ve got it all together than when I douse myself in this magical stuff after a shower or a bath in the morning.

Hayley kirjoitti haastattelusta myös tumblriinsa:

I did a quick interview with one of my fav lifestyle blogs! It was so cool for me to get to highlight some of my everyday, go-to, all-natural(!!!) beauty products… maybe a couple you’ve never tried before?

Important thing for me to note is that I finally got to talk very briefly about acne, which I’ve struggled with off and on since I was about 19. I discovered a lot of healthier, more natural products in my quest for clear skin… which completely changed the way I think about skincare/beauty products.

Now here’s another thing: I don’t kill myself over products that I love which are less than perfectly pure. In fact, I’ve been known to drop a dime on cheap-o mascaras and lipsticks in my day… (come ON, Target is my promised land!!!). But I do think that there is infinite value (both ethical and health-wise) in buying and using products which aren’t chemical-laden and instead are filled with healthy and pure ingredients. Investing in your long-term looks and feels is highly underrated. And just like I mentioned in this interview, it’s nice to know that when you’re buying yourself a product from a brand that’s not taking short cuts ingredient-wise, it’s gonna feel great to both your today self and your tomorrow self.

Anyway, that’s enough talk! Check out the short little interview for yourself and don’t forget to know that you’re very lovely.

07 Sep 2014

Uusia kuvia: Hayley spotattu Disneylandissä

Fanit spottasivat Hayleyn eilen Disneylandissä, Anaheimissa. Galleriaamme on lisätty uusia fanien kanssa otettuja kuvia, katso kaikki kuvat täällä.