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i can’t write another life

Musiikki: Piebald


warped is ruling. two days in and i’m wishing we had longer to go. the set felt good today… aside from wanting to collapse from the heat, we had a blast. it’s a bit sad we aren’t doing any signings or anything this year. last year there was so much going on and this warped we are in and then right back out. man, i love this tour. saw katy perry and say anything today… both really good sets – after that, the rain scared me away so i didn’t catch oreska band but i will tomorrow. and i have yet to get to a BBQ but i’m hoping that will happen tomorrow night!

KHTS Morning Show in the morning, so if you live in the Dallas area, check that shiz out ;)

alright – Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix is on, i haven’t seen the end so here i go…



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